Becoming an officer.......

What's the best sort of unit to be involved with as a Young officer? I guess most of you will say "You get out what you put in" or similar.

But what are people opinions as to the types of units?
A TA one would be good. :lol: Seriously though - geography plays a large part in it as I presume you don't want to travel miles. Go on this website and put your postcode in the "TA in my area" section. By varying the distance you will open up more units. Get along to the one of choice and open discussions.
i already know my possible final locations and the units within. I want peoples experience of being a junior officer with the different types of TA unit, (RE, Inf, Artillery, Sigs etc)
Very few people have experience of more than one...

Being an Officer in the Infantry is good fun. High pressure situations with lots of experience constantly around you. Harder to prove yourself compared to the REME for example im sure?!?!
Socially its good and you get to lead men! yeah!!
msr said:
Very few people have experience of more than one...

I don't know, my 2ic was comissioned as a loggie and now he is in teh Rifles but he'll never forget (nor will we let him) his time as a truckie. :twisted:

My last OC also went through a few units but then he also apprently went through some of his neighbours too.
in the TA it is a question of the individual unit as well as the capbadge. Remember if you are working out of a sub unit there may only be two or three other officers about, meet them, see if you will get on. Also think about the blokes you will be commanding, it may be worthwhile travelling further for the people, if not the role.
I got lucky whe I joined the R IRISH (HSPT) met loads of varied people whether loggies as (really bad) drivers or (Balls the size of Britain) ATO, Engineers on search ops, AAC (in Lynx) on Heli ops, RAF (in Puma), also had the good fortune to meet many Inf Regiments and some pretending to be. Don't have too many bad things to say against any of them.
But what goes on the Patrol Report stays on it.
Not really what you would call a future army career now though.

Edited to make sense.
My experience of the RLC has been pretty good - I've had some corking times, worked with some good people and had lots of splendid big green trucks. YO wise, the career management has been good and seems to have been a bit better and more professional than some other YOs in other arms and services that I've met. It all depends what you want. Whilst I would promote the RLC, having done JOTES and come into contact with loads of YOs, the only ones who seemed to dislike their job and find it dull were those in the R Sigs. Most others seemed to have a good time.

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