becoming an officer in the RAC.

Discussion in 'RAC' started by 1140_Sqn, Jan 31, 2007.

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  1. hi guys,

    any tips or advice on officer life in the RAC?? im stuck between joining the AAC, RAC or RAF.

    what is the life like??

  2. Yes, their is a butler on here you can hire, and he is very cheap. :)
  3. If you want a cushy life then go for the RAF, If you dont like Forage (twat) hats then join the AAC. If you dont like forage hats, and don't have a plum stuck in your mouth, and think that black overalls are just so smart then join the Royal Tank Regiment. otherwise be a boring bastard person and join the Scots DG like everyone else!!.
  4. Not that cheap I know loads of people who work for pies
  5. If you're seriously considering the Crabs (and they like you) then you have a snowball's chance in hell of getting anywhere the RAC, even the Peoples' Cav.

    Go RAC and apply for pilot training and attachment to the AAC - best of both worlds...

  6. Whatever you do, study hard and respect the lads.
  7. Depends what you want to join the AAC for. If you have your eye on a flying career and you subsequently fail the pilot course you could always move to the RAC afterwards. You can't join the AAC as an officer in any other role than pilot.

    As aghart says, if you want a slightly easier life join the RAF. But I think you'l find all three services are digging deep these days.
  8. so will it get harder and hard to join?? why do i always hear about the army crying out for new recruits?

  9. Jamie, I'm not quite sure which part of my statement you're questioning. The Army is always in need of recruits, although strictly speaking officers aren't recruited, only soldiers are recruited.

    Many will argue that it's actually getting easier and easier to pass training at any level. But as the Army gets smaller then we can (notionally) be more selective in those we choose to join - assuming the same number of people apply.

    The Army Pilot Course has one of the highest failure rates of any course in the forces. If you don't pass selection, or you fail the course at any point, you cannot stay in the AAC, we don't have direct entry officers in any role other than pilot. Ergo you will either move to another Regiment or Corps, or leave the Army all together. The difference with the RAF is that if you fail at any point (after IOT) you can be found another branch or trade within the crab silt.

    I hope that clarifies things. If you want to know more about entry into the RAF try here where there are pages and pages of advice on how to become a pilot in the Air Farce :) For anything Army pilot wise please feel free to PM me.

  10. The army has been saying it's short of recruits since before I joined yet the population has gone up and the army has become smaller since then, so recruiting targets must be a helluva lot lower now than they were then.

    I must confess it's a bit of an enigma.
  11. GLYN 10,000 short when we all got made redundant,years on shouting out for them.thick pile of manure!!!
  12. Sorry I don't understand! So when a Cav officer leaves Sandhurst does he go off to some special finishing school then? As far as I'm aware the selection process and the training is the same for all RAC officers! Or does a Cav officer still have to own half a county ending in 'Shire or a herd of at least fifty f**king nags or have a private income? I think you're living in the dark ages............................................again!!! BTW we ain't Cav.
  13. I know that Ned but they then reduced the size of the army - still and all they say we're short? Yet with all we have a bigger population than ever (even allowing for immigrants), except in Scotland of course where the population is falling quite dramatically.
  14. We know you ain't cav, we can tell by your orrible grammar :headbang:

    As for private incomes - it is officially not required anymore but woe betide the man who joins the likes of the QDG or RHG and doesn't have the income to meet the various expenses the mess inflicts.

    As for polo teams, dinnae try and pull the wool over my eyes, unless you're claiming never to have heard of Col Ray Powell RTR who formed your first RTR polo team in 1954? I note as well that one of the attractions of joining the RTR (according to your website) is the opportunity to go 'horse riding'.

    You may chastise us senior regiments all you want for being what we are and for having a longer history than you but it all goes to prove you really just want to be like us but........

    If you ain't cav - you ain't. :headbang: :brilsmurf:

    Na na na na na.

    *exits stage left whistling Little Willie*
  15. As for the grammer, fair cop..........................TWWWWAAAAATTTT!

    Col Ray Powell................who! Never heard of him (honestly), he was probaly ousted after his fellow officers found out he'd ridden a nag! BTW it's 'My Boy Willie', quite a catchy tune don't you think? I will check our website and get that bit about horse riding removed ASP! :threaten: