Becoming an MO in the RAMC?


Firstly, I apologise if this is in the wrong place. I couldn't think where else to put it.

I am a third year medical student, who is interested in joining the army as a MO in the future. However, I believe I have missed my chance for cadetship and sponsorship, so what are my options for getting in?

Also, I would like to specialise in either Anaesthetics (with a view to be posted on the MERT possibly) or surgical, especially plastic surgery. Would this be possible in the army as a regular, or is it best to stay civvie and utilise the TA in the case?

thank you,
From what I have heard on the grapevine over the last 12 months from colleagues still serving, I don't believe there are many slots (if any) for anaesthetics or plastics for the future and those that come up will have significant competition.

In view of your 3rd year med student status, by the time you actually qualify to become a Doctor, complete your 2 foundation years, successfully complete phase 1 & 2 training (even if you are accepted)!! You will then be assigned as a GDMO at approx end of 2016/2017 by which time the opportunity to serve on the MERT as a Junior Doctor (very slim...very slim indeed) may not be possible as Operationsin Afghan are scheduled for draw down in 2015 from what the PM has stated.

My understanding is presently... if you would like to be a GP then you should be quids in....

Q. When you say utilise the you mean offer a valuable service for which personal satisfaction of a job well done would be reward enough or abuse a TA position towards your own selfish ends?

Good luck for a cadetship....

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