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Discussion in 'ACF' started by squigeypie, Mar 17, 2007.

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  1. im thinking of packing the army in after 18yrs( last 15yrs ta) and was considering the cadets for a couple of years, whats the procedue and has any one got any web links for me to browse through,, regards
  2. hello First of all find out your local county HQ, give them a ring as well as that go down to your local Detachment and have a look at 2 others before committing yourself to one particular one that may be full of walts and cosnequnetly colour your view of the ACF county, there are a lot of good eggs about as well, like you some have served, also have alook atteh ACF FAQ to give you some idea of what to expect.
    this is the Official website of the ACF, it is a bit bland, it will tell you a bit about what you need to know and you can still use it to send off for the ACF DVD and information pack, I thought the DVD was well presented and quite good to watch.

    unofficial website, this is run by Adult instructors and is used by Adults and Cadets and is well moderated, there is a county page as well to you can ask peopel from your county any questions.


    remember forget the Walts, forget Politics which you get in ANY organisation, its always all about the Kids and what you can do best for them.

    good luck mate, you will find it addictive at times lol
  3. would i have to attend that 9 day initial training coures and the one at frimley park?
  4. Policy on how induction training is administered can vary from County to County but generally speaking it works like this:

    Apply to join, start CRB and Vetting procedure.

    Do Adult Induction Course - normally run over 4 weekends with a few gap weekends between.

    You are then officially a PI - Potential Instructor.

    Do Initial Training Course - again normally 4 weekends but sometimes run at Easter or Annual camp.

    You are now officially an SI - Sergeant Instructor.

    Within first two years (normally) do Instructor Training Course at Frimley Park which qualifies you for, but does not gaurantee you, Staff Sergeant Instructor.

    Those going down the Officer route have a few other bits thrown in which are done in addition to the above.

    AI & ITC Courses are normally run several times a year by the Regular Cadet Training Team attached to your County.

    Good advice from others re Walts etc.

    Good luck.
  5. cheers i'll look into it
  6. Regarding courses you have to do, I personally would say as well it depends on your backgrouhd, and how you want to approach things, after county policy. We had an ex WO1 joined us some years ago, who did not need to do any of the courses other than the interviews that all potential instructors have. We had an ex infantry sergeant joined us who was told the same thing, but chose to do the courses anyway. I asked him why, and he said that as this isn't the army, I want to do the courses so I can change my "army" head to an "ACF" head. Hope this helps, and good luck.
  7. Our County is not quite so "enlightened" in that regard - we have plenty of ex Regs joining and indeed having held various senior ranks (I did 19 years myself) Our County policy is that everyone does the courses although they have been "lenient" about the rank people come in at.
  8. Fair comment Ranger_Danger. I am only talking from experiences of people I've met. I don't know my county's official policy on ex regs coming in, as I was only a 2 star cadet before I became an instructor. I do feel personally that from a military knowledge point of view that few ex regs, if any, need to do the courses. However the courses can be a good thing for anyone who joins the ACF in that the way the ACF works is a great deal different from the army. I do remember, though, when I did my KGVI there was a guy there who had done senior brecon, and was asked by the staff if he wanted to stay or not as he really didn't need to be there, but his view was that it was an army qualification, and that this was an ACF course that he would like to do. These are various experiences to help you form your own opinion. Mine is that, irrespective of background, all potential instructors should have training of a fashion catered to their past and ability. EG ex regs cover the things that may not be taught in the forces, and ex cadets/others do the full ITC. AI and KGVI need not necessarily be mandatory depending on background, but I would urge anyone to do them. Refreshers are always good.
  9. Hi all
    Do you have to be a uniformed instructor ??
  10. Uniform would help as nakedness would be frowned upon.

    Think of the children man!

    Err, on second thoughts don't. Being naked and thinking of children gets you airtight in Mr Glitter's cell.
  11. I have heard of unpaid assistant instructors but I think that may be a local thing. Ask your local HQ.

  12. Hi its a simple question the Sea Cadets have non uniformed instructors do the Army have non uniformed instructors
  13. Don't bite, you'll only rattle his cage. Ask you local county HQ, question answered.
  14. Friend of mine is a non-uniform, unpaid, air cadet instructor. The cadet forces tend to have a fairly pragmatic attitude to anyone offering help (as you have to be when you rely on volunteers).
    Why do you want that though? Do you look like a bag of sh*t tied in the middle with green string when in uniform?