becoming an ATR instructor

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by the_lazy_H, Jun 4, 2007.

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  1. im interested in becoming an ATR instructor. i have placed the information on my CR advice sheet to be handed into my OC yet have not had much in the way of people who know much about it. i have always aspired to be a teacher yet have no courses under my belt.

    has anyone here been one? whats it like?

    what courses do i need to be considered for it? is there a minimum or do i need them all?

    what is the worst thing about doing the job?

    any other handy hints would be helpful.

    LCPL the lazy H
  2. anyone?!

  3. You cant go wrong with skillys mate. You could also try CBRN or Drill if your that way inclined
  4. p.s you do know what time it is dont you?
  5. yeah good point but at the time there were about 30 odd users on here. thought someone would have a scoobs. cheers.
  6. 1,2,3,1?

    T C
  7. Or perhaps 1, 2 3, 1 :roll:
  8. As has been mentioned Skill at arms is a must and one other teaching qual

    CBRN/ BCDT Jnr Drill ,also you need the new PTIS/ITGIS course but you will be put on it when you get there.
    Was there in 2000-2003 its ok if you a singly but its long hours so it might not be good if you dont have an understanding other half. You walk a very thin line every day mate but if you can keep your nose clean and your pants zipped its a good crack.
  9. Thats what I wrote....

    T C
  10. ptis/itgis? wossat then?! i take it being downgraded is a no no?

    i dont think ill have a drama keeping my nose clean, had no problems so far.

    cheers for your help.
  11. Depending on which Corps/Capbadge you are they usually have a selection process for Recruit Instructors. ITGIS is ATRA's Recruit Training course which is held at ATR Litchfield.

    Having served at two ATRs', being downgraded, as long as you can do drill, go on exercise, etc it shouldn't be a problem, however, if I was choosing someone from my capbadge to be a RI, I would expect them to be smart, phyisically fit and totally dependable.
  12. Been there done that (2 Sh*ts) Now at Phase 2!

    If U do ur skillies course 9 times out of 10 U will end up at ATR!
    Hard work, Long hours at the start of the course! But the rewards are amazing (watching some Chav turn into a squaddie (near as dammit!) in 14 weeks! Cool!)

    ATRs are always under manned!

    ENJOY! :D
  13. There is no pause between the 2 and the 3 so it should be 1, tutthree, 1. not 1,2,3,1.

    It’s all in the timing.
  14. I couldnt do ATR, some of the little barstewards coming through these days! i would be up for murder in a week!
  15. ATR Instructor is awesome! I have just left there myself. Although some of the boles I worked with werent overly keen on going, they all liked the job given a couple of months to settle in.

    As has been already mentioned, its demanding. You need to have the right mental aptitude to deal with recruits, many of which are willing to work themselves to death. You DO walk a thin line everyday and if you are not a fan of sticking to the, very black and white, rules then you would best serve somewhere else. I have seen some brilliant instructors RTU'd and disciplined for very minor shifts from ATR policy.

    Skill at Arms is a must, another MATT related instructor qual is also required. If you are looking at going there as a screw, in my humble opinion, you will stand head and shoulders above most in the field army when you leave. You get to work with different capbadges in an environment that tests you on a daily basis.

    For my vote its mega! If you cant handle the occasional gobby kid without resorting to cuffing him though, go somewhere else.

    Always worth remembering that you were probably no more than average joe when you went through, look at the average bloke and remember that. A lot of them are very keen and will work their balls off, always one or two that have the potential to facilitate you landing yourself in court!

    PM me if you want any more details