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Discussion in 'REME' started by joeyplayer, Mar 12, 2009.

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  1. Hi there,
    Im concidering joining the army as an armourer and i was hopeing somone could give me some advise.
    I have a good life with my partner and our two year old son and the biggest factor thats holding me back is the thought of bein away from them both. Im 21 and armourer is the way forward for me.
    is there any armourers that can tell me what the job is like? And anyone who can tell me how you cope without seeing your loved ones.
    any and all responces welcome.
  2. I see theres been 52 views but know coments,
    I would realy apreciate any imput anyone can give.
    I am not trying to be impatient or pushy but is crucial
    I gather all the info posible, I have serched as many
    posts as i can find but im still at a lose end as to my
    next step. I love love love guns and the more i read the
    more i think armourer is right for me, but whats the
    life risk factor? I wasent in the army when I met my parner
    and I wasent in the army when my son was born so I want
    be able to give them all the facts befor i make any decisons.
    They deserve to know.
    as mentioned befor all andany input welcome.
  3. I think you need to attend some English classes :D only kidding, check this out fella.
  4. Armourer is God's chosen job carried out by intelligent, handsome, brave, dashing, bronzed beach hunks.

    The Army comes first so if you get posted away from your wife which you will, just look at it as a bonus and don't give it another thought, concentrate on the job in hand.

    You're joining the Army, the Army go to war you can die or get injured. I think that 2 Armourers have died in Afghanistan.
  5. I'm not in the Army yet so I can't say whether this is true or not. So don't take this as gospel because I can't say whether it is true. But a family friend was in the Glosters for 9 years, and he said cheating was rife between squaddies and Army wives/girlfriends. He ran off with someone elses wife and someone else ran off with his. It may just have been his unit though, I don't know. Obviously, all of this depends on the strength of the relationship and the people involved. It could put a lot of stress on the relationship, but as said earlier, the Army comes first. And I guess the question is, are you and your partner prepared to accept that?

    Disclaimer: I am not and have never served in the British Army. Any similarity or likeness to any real situation involving cheating wifes and/or girlfriends of serving soldiers is purely coincidental and is not intended.
  6. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Wise words, especially the first bit. I was a Navy Armourer/Small arms maintainer for 6 years and am now a TA armourer and civvy gunmaker.

    As for the job it is fantastic and you will love it and there are plenty of opportunities for you out there depending on what you want to do and if you are willing to put in the work. Make sure you have a large and interesting collection of pornography as the unit armourer is usually the 'Frankie' storeman or 'porn bosun' :D . Everyone loves the armourer!

    You will get used to spending time away and once you are firmly settled into the Army you will get the best for your other half and sprog including a married patch, help with schools etc. You will feel an initial strain on your relationship, which is only natural, but eventually things will work out far better than you could have ever imagined.

    As mentioned before it is the Army and you will most likely end up going to war at some point, but that is what the job is all about. I wouldn't listen to that shite about cheating spouses, it happens in any walk of life not just the forces.
  7. Obviously i realise there is a risk factor involved, its the army.
    That being said infantry casualtys are bound to be higher than
    armourer or so i believe which is what prompted my previous
    question. The lady at the recruitment center led me to believe
    that the chances of me having to be out in a fire fight situation
    were one in a milly, yet i have read posts on here which indicate
    its almost certain. This poses a problem for me because i want to work with weapons to some day become a weapons developer.
    i dont know if this is wrong of me to say but i would'nt apply for
    a job as a head chef to clean floors (not implying infantry are
    cleaners, just an analergy)
    i dont want to aply for a job and be given false info then arive in
    afgan and have a rifle handed to me to fight on the front line.
    Hope that all makes sence lol
  8. Thank you very much for your post.
    It has made me feel alot betTer with regard to my family,
    In terms of faithfulness, I have trust in my parner and if shes was the type to cheat, she would do it regardles of were I am.
    Do you know of anyone whos gotten into weapon development from bein an armourer?
  9. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    In that case I would seriously go away and have a long hard think about what you want from a career in the forces. Regardless of what your job is you should be prepared to fight at some point in your career. The role of an armourer varies hugely depending on what unit you are attached to, obviously if you end up as an armourer attached to the paras or inf, it is fairly safe to say you will spend some time in an FOB and might even be asked to go on patrol. However there are hundreds of different jobs out there for armourers with hugely different roles, each with their own particular ups and downs.

    You say you want to be a 'weapons developer', I would seriously discourage anyone from joining the forces in order to gain experience for their next job in civvy street. It is a huge commitment and if you are planning on joining just to get a tick on your CV, then don't bother as you will not enjoy the lifestyle if your heart isn't 100% in it.

    Edited to add just read your last post: I applied for a job in weapons development with the Home Office, working for the police but wasn't successful. I am now the manager of a sporting shotgun and rifle factory, which I suppose involves an element of development!
  10. My Bold.

    Go away. Do not join the Army. Soldier first, Tradesman second.

    Try the RAF or Navy
  11. I have to stress somthing, its not that Im afraid to fight ect
    its the simple fact that like mentioned befor i wasent in the
    army befor my partner an son. Its just as much
    there decision as it is mine. If i die serving my contry
    i have to think about them.
  12. the chances of getting a civvy job in the firearms trade or industry as an armourer/gunsmith after military service is remote. there are very few positions like what your seeking going.

    I'v up-set a few (if not most) of the the fellow gun plumbers here on arrse with a statment of mine a few months ago calling our trade 'a box of spare parts and guages', my statement was a bit flippant, as the job does give you fantastic skills for good payed work after life in green. but theres not much out there for working on shooters.
    for working in a civvy gun-shop as gunsmith you really need trade skills in light engineering, like fitter/turner or tool and die maker, and good knowlage of wood and plastics too. most people working in the gun trade have been brought-up in it, I myself was working in gun-shops since i was 12, and before i went full time army i did an apprenticeship in tool/die making, just because i wanted to learn the machining skills.
    for working in 'military firearms design' and defence industry you will need (quite heavy) quals in engineering, engineering design, auto/cad cad/cam or metallurgy. TBH its a bit of a closed shop, and its the old manta 'who you know' more than anything else.

    sorry again if i'v up-set the rest of the arrse gun plumbers, and if anyones got a min could they please help me in getting my fat fingers out of this raden, they seem a bit stuck.
  13. Go away. Join the RAF or Navy.

    Armourers are spare parts mechanics with a bit of rough engineering chucked in.

    If you are not a WAH you need to:

    Lern two reed, rite and spel Inglish propper

    No, you don't have to think about them you'd be dead. I assume your "contry" is deepest Wales and that your Sister is also your Mother who in turn is a slightly dim Sheep.
  14. Joey, from what you have said on this forum, you would not enjoy the Army and you should consider a different career path.
    If you are serious about joining, you need to harden up a bit. You'll spend about 3 months away during basic training (phase 1), you will not be able to phone home every night and you will be required to keep your mind on the job.
    After training, you could be posted to any unit, you won't be able to chose nice safe jobs where you won't go overseas, you'll go where you're told (and needed). How much use do you think a bloke is who is constantly fretting about his wife and kids - I can tell you - fcuk all use.
    Think long and hard before you do join - if you are not 100% sure - don't do it.
    Just my humble opinion.