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Discussion in 'ACF' started by wells598, Nov 19, 2012.

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  1. Hi I'm interested in becoming an AI but was just wondering, I was medically discharged 20 years ago while i was a junior leader and my knees are still quite bad what if any are the physical requirements to being an AI?
  2. The medical form sets out three broad standards, from fully fit and able to largely sedentary. If you can stand up, you can get in, but the new Assessment weekend will rule you out if the board feel you aren't capable.

    It really depends how much you want to put in, and how much you want to get out. The fullest exertion you're likely to get is carrying a bergen/webbing whilst acting as a safety supervisor on an FTX. Even then, you'll probably leave your bag in a vehicle. I would expect you to be able to walk a few miles without complaint, but at the end of the day, there's roles for instructors of all shapes and sizes, and if you want to help, the ACF need assistance. If all you do is paperwork and run the NAAFI, you're still valuable despite what the shortly-arriving trolls will say.
  3. 2 Arms. 2 legs, some teeth. At least one eye. Hair optional.
  4. what about hair length i want to be an instructer but i got long hair will i need to cut it??.
  5. Yes. Off the collar, off the ears. Facial hair frowned upon.
  6. wells , pop along to your local det, or use the 'contact' page on the ACF Website to find your local county HQ. You shuldn't have any real problems, we had a guy with a false leg complete the AI training.
  7. Yes. And while you've got the scissors in your hand, cut your balls off too, you sock puppet.
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  8. Really? No-one mentioned that to me!

    False leg? Is that like a pretend prosthetic?
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  9. No, it is a prosthetic.

    It was jolly realistic mind.
  10. At the end of the day the only way to truly find out is to apply.
    Good luck on your application the acf need instructors.
    One thing though please don't join the mess dress and no2s brigade.
    Having a social life within the acf is ok but I don't understand why some counties insist on people wearing mess dress to functions. After all the instructors are not soldiers and have now worked there way up the ranks to get into a sgt's mess, makes me angry that does, anyway good luck and I hope your knees hold out
  11. I don't know of any county insisting upon it... it is usually a choice made by the individual AI. Most who do wear mess dress are either people who take it FAR too seriously, long term AIs or ex-regs/TA. The latter usually wearing the dress of Regiments long gone... which is always a talking point.
  12. If a county insisted on mess dress they would soon have to back track. The low turn out at the dinners would mean they would have to be cancelled. I may get mess dress if I win the lottery, but otherwise the amount of times it would get worn doesn't come close to justifying the expense.
  13. You need to be small, ugly, balding, nocturnal, with weird bony fingers and you need to be an insectivore.....


    .......Ai-Ai that is!
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  14. Its a civvy youth organisation, Scouts in stated before, no real medical requirements other than you are sane.
  15. Scoobydont will be along in a bit to prove you wrong.