Becoming an ACF instructor whilst away on Ops

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Squiggles, Jul 3, 2009.

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  1. [align=justify]I'm a TA RMP, currently out in a hot dusty place and not due back until late Autumn. I'm also a civvy copper.

    When I do get back to blighty I'd like to become an ACF instructor.

    I used to be a cadet back in the early '90s and thoroughly enjoyed it. I would like to be able to give back what I gained, and help give today's youngsters the experiences I was given.

    Anyway my question is: As I am out here for another 4 months odd, is there a way I can get the ball rolling with regards to the application and security checks process?

    Aside from that, what are other peoples experiences of being TA and ACF? Does it work and is there flexibility regarding the commitment you can give, ie exercises clashing, being mobilised etc?[/align]
  2. Not really. Best to wait until you return. Nothing usually starts without a face to face with your prospective OC.

  3. where are you looking to parade?
  4. Please don't be my Det.. A STAB and a Gaver...
  5. Not too fussed, I live and work in NorthWest London, and TA is Saarf London, so anywhere between the two!

    Any ideas?
  6. Can you tell I was bullied at school? :p
  7. Don't take it personally. A bunch of your comrades kicked the shite out of me when I was cuffed once.

    They did that after finding my MOD 90. Since then, well not got a lot of time for plod..

  8. we have a RMP unit at wansdworth, the group commander is Major Paul Harrison based at St Johns Hill Battersea.
  9. Thanks Fus Chic. It would be good to keep the same cap-badge. I suppose it saves on tailoring two sets of uniform too!
  10. SE London ACF has a few RMP badged dets too, if you want to move over slightly to the east

    (and we've got a much nicer mess in SE London sector too!)
  11. Squiggles. Check PM's.