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Becoming a plumber

Hey guys,
As of june 08 i`ll be a free man. I`m looking at the possibility of becoming a plumber however dont have any resettlement time as ive only served just short of 5years by the time i leave. Can anybody give me a little advice on the best options out there and an idea of what they involve(ie:cost, time etc). I`m 23 so would be able to do an apprenticeship still but the pay wouldn`t be gr8 and it`d take too long so anything other than that really.

Almost impossible to get an apprenticeship as all those that normally offers them are now full with polish plumbers working for peanuts.

Don't what ever you do have anything to do with the BTSC (Chessington), they take your money (£5000+ for mods 1 to 8, further £5000+ for mods 9 to 13, then you have to pay for your CORGI £3500+) put you through a reasonable training then no one will employ you as you have a qualification with no experience.

They claim you can do it in a third of the time which is nonsense as modules are a little haphazard in the way they run.

My son did the first 8 modules then applied all over the place (even offering to work for free to gain experience & eventually got a British Gas place only to have to retake all the training.

Register on the British Gas site & keep your fingers crossed
Speak to the Job Centre about re-training. They may have some courses
With 5 yrs service you are eligible for the Employment Support Programme at your regional resettlement service.

Have you had your IERO interview yet? You certainly should have had it as soon as you signed off!

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