Becoming a nursing officer

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Miss Marvellous, May 13, 2011.

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  1. I'm fed up with trawling this site for answers so...

    I have read rumours that it is now possible to get commissioned directly out of university. Is this true?
  2. Just for the record- this isn't an official army site, it's a forum set up for army related-chat, but anyone can post on it. Don't expect or look for official answers on this site- use it to top up or as a last resort if research through official recruiting material, careers officer + Army Careers Advisor can't help.
  3. CJM

    CJM Old-Salt

    I'm pretty sure you've been able to do that for several decades, right?
  4. Not as A Nurse ... it's relatively recent
  5. Yeah I've looked on the army site a million times but heard somewhere that it can be done a different way, that's why I asked on here. I should clarify, I meant directly out of university and without a bursary.
  6. CJM

    CJM Old-Salt

    Ah, ok. I assumed it would be the same as any other officer.
  7. Why don't you ask the ACIO? You'll get a more accurate answer than on a random website.
  8. Miss_Marvellous,

    Maybe, the Army is not clear about the way it sells its offer (and the Army website is appalling for this). But what it does is it puts out an offer, and people then respond to it. They don't put out an offer, with a hidden other offer only for people who are clever enough to find out what it is. For the sake of clarity, and to prevent this becoming an entirely pointless thread:

    Nursing Officer - Adult Health
    If you are a qualified nurse with two year's full time experience in Adult Nursing, you are eligible to apply for a Commission in the QARANC.

    Nursing Officer - Mental Health
    If you are a qualified nurse with two year's full time experience in Mental Health Nursing, you are eligible to apply for a Commission in the QARANC.

    Nursing Cadetship - Adult or Mental Health
    The QARANC Nursing Cadetship is open to anyone who has unconditional place secured, has already commenced or who is considering undertaking a degree in nursing course at a university of their choice.

    Therefore taking your problem in two parts:

    You could either join as an officer after two years experience as a qualified nurse:


    If you are still at university or not yet started you could apply for a nursing cadetship and thereby commission immediately from university.

    Certainly this option is less viable if you are within weeks of finishing the course, as you are likely to complete the course before your application is processed or you will not have done enough of the requisite stuff whilst at university to prepare yourself for commissioning.

    I hope that helps, and if nothing else, the ACIO should be able to answer your questions. It helps, I have found, to use the same terminology as the ACIO may be used to (they are not always the brightest bulbs, and therefore guiding them with your prior research may be of use) -i.e., Adult Nursing Cadesthips or somesuch rather than bursary, whcih does not appear to be an option on the pages I have seen.
  9. Miss Marvellous,

    I can confirm that there is a route to becoming a QA Nursing Officer direct from Uni without 2 yrs qualified experience. It is called a cadetship and if successful at AOSB you would attend Sandhurst & Keogh and then be posted to an MDHU for 2yrs as a 2Lt and then pick up your 2nd pip along the way.

    ACIO's don't always have the information you require when enquiring about niche jobs such as this. When I joined up the ACIO staff had little knowledge of the QA options available, however I was eventually able to get the information I required.

    As has been alluded to by 'barbs' the cogs in the machine can turn fairly slowly with applying, securing acquaint visits, being loaded on to AOSB and then commencing training. Potentially this process may take 12-18 months so it is worth considering how you wish to approach this. As long as you are 2 yrs experienced when you get to Sandhurst you can circumnavigate the cadetship route, which you may find an easier option - it is not easy being newly qualified and being handed military management responsibilities on top.
  10. Ah yeah the cadetship, I knew about that but thanks for expanding on what happens, that's really useful.

    Thanks for your help.