becoming a gas engineer

hey was wondering if i could get some help. im leaving in a few months nd im going to be a ga engineer i have already found a course provider its called brimap i was wondering if anyone on here had used them before and if they were any good. also if anyone has any experience as a gas engineer could they please let me know how they are finding it cheers
I've been Corgi registered for 30 years, and this last year has been the worst since I started.

Try the Screwfix and Diynot forums, talk to the lads who are qualified, I think there's a lot aren't getting enough work in thanks to this f*cked up "government"

I googled in Brimap, and your post came up on the second page....... not a good sign, methinks.

PM me if you want, mate.
Hi mate, I trained and qualified as a gas engineer when I left nearly 3 years ago and ended up being fully qualified and CoRGI registered within a very short period of time.

The problem that I found was that nobody would employ me because I had no real experience apart from what I did for my portfolio. They wouldn't take me on at a starting wage because I was overqualified and even British Gas wouldn't entertain me unless I did their in house apprentice scheme which would mean doing all of my training over again.

I set up on my own but after a few months, money ran out and my lack of experience was limiting what I could do as I had no intention of bodging and bluffing.

I sacked it in the end, spent a while fixing concrete mixers then worked in the rail industry before being made redundant at xmas and am now heading out to Afghan as a civy doing what I do best:- fixing trucks.

Good Luck :D
I too trained as a gas engineer and C&G Sparky about 4 years ago and what a waste of time it was. Your told during ressettlement that everybody is crying out for plumbers, sparkys and gas engineers and in a way they are correct, however what they dont say is that a minimum of 2 years experience is required in most cases and thats where most do not get employment. you could go self employed however you are going to need someone with years experience to fall back on regarding the ins and outs of jobs as without extensive on job training your wasting your time and cash.
Good luck

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