Becoming a Combat HR Specialist

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Tea2Sugars, Oct 27, 2009.

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  1. Okay, so I've passed all the required signing up stages been to the ADSC and I am now awaiting my date to start phase 1 training. I was however looking to get a more in depth view in to what the job entails, what benefits the position offers and whether the people who are or have done the job, enjoyed doing it. I'm 18 and looking to start my career in the army and feel this job type would suit my personality and qualifications best, but I've only read about it from the prospectus and online information, which is usually a biased opinion.

    Thanks in advance for your replies. :D
  2. Combat & HR ?????

    Two words I would suggest that should not be in the same sentence.

    I'll standby for the flak. ;-)

    (P.S.I'd rather share a trench with an AGCer than most spineliess civvy HR gits.

    "HR" why do we insist on trying to civilianise the military?
  3. May I suggest that the 'combat' element is to denote that SPS serve with all elements of the army in the air and on the land as well as SF. I agree with you on the HR bit as we're probably more concerned with Business Administration though we do sort of manage people's careers. By this I mean if courses are done and completed then that the individual's record is updated on JPA etc
  4. Or is not, if the AGC get involved!
  5. Do you do Stand Up :? .....
  6. And remember you could qualify for a "Golden Hello"

    Elementary Level - £1250

    To qualify applicants must achieve a GTI score of 55 or more and have NVQ level 3 in any subject, or 3 x A- C Grade GCSE (or equivalent) in English (Language or Literature), either Maths or a Science, and one other subject.

    Supplementary Level - £2500

    To qualify applicants must achieve a GTI score of 65 or more and have 5 x A-C Grade GCSE (or equivalent) in English (Language or Literature), either Maths or a Science, and in addition, 2 x A-D Grade A Levels (or equivalent) one of which must be Maths, a Science, Business Studies or an IT based subject. :D :D

    Ask about it when you get to Training!!
  7. First of all, Combat means frontline troops basically the bayonets and bullet types. Combat Support is the indiredt support i.e mortars engineers and artillery etc. Combat service Support is more like it. The rear echelon helping out with all the admin that the two previos groups need to function properly.

    Secondly, not if like many of the HR staff I've come across who are overworked and understaffed. Who through no fault of their own do not have the proper training. There are however a few who just don't get it.
  8. If that "Golden Hello" information is right I should recieve a £2,500 bonus then. :D Sounds good to me.
  9. dont bother - I have just finished work and look at the time. I started at 7.00 am this morning
  10. You poor baby.


    I bet you are a right laugh on tour as well.
  11. Mrs MiT has MCIPD would that help?

    PS she thinks cam cream is some sort of make up.

  12. You mean you guys get to waNnk all day?! Thats amazing!
  13. MiT, if she had qualifications in MCCP, I'd be much happier. :roll:

    (And he thinks HE is tired!)
  14. Keep your mud to yourself matey ;)
  15. Well at college I got my NVQ level 3 IT Practitioner, Level 3 Advanced Diploma IT, MCDST, COMPTia A+, Advanced Apprenticeship and a few other random ones. Would they help regards to better chance of promotion?