Become part of the SAS for a tenner!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by pvtePile, Jul 25, 2008.

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  1. I wonder how many muppets they got with this product.

    I think it's a walt must have!

  2. Hayfever again Mr_D?

  3. are you suggesting you bought it?
  4. It worked for Henno Garvey :D
  5. Actually, Mr D, you may be able to put me at rest over a niggle I have had with the training that 'them' do.

    What if you are a vegetarian? Do you still have to kill a bunny, or will they let you subsist on nutritious roots and bulbs?

    I thought I'd ask you before I forked out a tenner.

    There must be a few veggies in the SAS.
  6. Thanks Mr D. I'll go and kill myself now to preserve opsec.
  7. Tenner?! Bargain!!!! :lol:

    • The history of the Special Air Service

    • SAS badges and insignia

    • Rank markings

    • The Iranian Embassy Siege and how to get 15,000 men on a balcony, with you being the 2nd
    • The Gibraltar shootings
    • The SAS Air Troop
    • SAS Mobility Troop and training
    • The Boat troop, their training and the colour of the Boathouse (Correct at time of going to press but may differ)
    • SAS Mountain Troop
  9. Maybe Selection was what killed Pavarotti, then?

    It's such a nice day, I think I'll walk thanks...
  10. Ahhhh, god to see that your skills have improved ;)

    Straight to the kill house for you for testing.
  11. I saw this advertised on Arrse a while back... clicked the link.. it soon became obvious it must be shit... the bloke who holds the bar up down my local pub wasn't even in it ffs.. so it must be fake.

    He's pictured below on the right, he'd just got back from a shoot to kill mission in NI - after being in Borneo fighting the Adoo. He hates Argies after what they did to his best mate............

    He's hard - as hard as a coffin nail. Don't fuck....

  12. so does this mean that basic training will only be 90 mins in the classroom watching the DVD ?

    Will be like police academy recruits :)
  13. Now that was funny.
  14. Sorry BanjoBill,
    but that photo was not for real;
    This is the real photo taken on the day;
    So who was who?
    Oh shit, now I got to shoot myself.
  15. Sorry, you guys have the wrong one, this is an original that I have edited just for persec purposes.