Become British or be sacked, Commonwealth troops are told

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Nov 21, 2004.

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  2. Hackle has covered the relevant points - I'll say no more other than that I never had a really insubordinate moment in almost a quarter of a century's service but that this idea has put me into the awkward pensioner's squad straight away. It is so stupid I cannot see it as an intentional insult so wonder at the mentality of those behind it. Are people such as this supposed to take us to war and risk other people's lives? I seem to remember that the last guy we lost had a long and certainly different name - if you are not Fijian. I suppose the new (dual) nationality certificates will only register them as Smith, Jones or Brown so no one will know we have those not-to-be-trusted Commonwealth blokes working for us.
    This, on top of the admission that hunting ban was part of class struggle, leads me to ask "where is the barricade?" and "Where can I get a weapon?". I do not wish to wait for the democratic process of voting these bstards out, they don't have any idea of democracy - I want them out NOW!
  3. It's utterly disgraceful, given the number of Commonwealth lives lost - and still being lost with the Black Watch - in defence of UK interests. It's also an insult to the memory of guys like Labalaba, one of many Fijians who fought with distinction in the SAS. There are almost 8000 Commonwealth soldiers, sailors and airmen in the forces. Where would we be without them? Where would Bliar's interventionist policy be without them? Even if only a few are affected by this latest edict, it's a slur on all.:twisted:
  4. I must be missing something here. How did this rate in the paper as a story. There have always been Commonwealth troops in the Brit army and visa-versa. I was one of them. During Vietnam there were hundreds of Brits serving in the Aussie Army. Signing up to be a Brit citizen is not an issue because you also retain your country of origin citizenship as well and indeed can hold two passports (very handy at times).

    The security thing is so shallow as to be a joke so there must be some other reason for the MOD to raise it. More distraction from the Sand Pit?

    And by the way why do they focus on the Armed Forces. The NHS regularly recruits from O/S as does the Dept of Education. Probably others too.
  5. Given the situation with the Gurkha's I now wonder will this affect their claim to British Nationality and citizenship, anyone hot on immigration Law care to comment?

  6. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    How stupid is this? We won't let the Gurkha's in, and we left a couple of thousand Hong Kong based soldiers to the Chinese, but now this?

    On the plus side, a few home grown regts might be competitive at rugby 7's again :wink:
  7. I remember sharing a room with a Fijian called Vosataki and working with a good few more in the 70's as well as Sikhs, Muslims and Southern Irish. No one every felt that they were potential spies, terrorists or IRA sleepers, even when the the troubles were at its hight. This type of stupidness is what 9/11's real result is. The West running round in circles....

    It was disgraceful that as a Fijian Commonwealth soldier, Labalaba only got a MiD in Oman while serving with the SAS. He should have got a MM at least (even a VC) for what he did. I wonder if it would have been differant had he been British I wonder?
  8. Thre things went against Labalaba. He was Fijian, he was fighting in a war the MoD wanted to keep shtum about at the time, and he was part of a unit the "green" army looked down on to some extent. Hereford only became flavour of the month after the Iranian embassy siege and Maggie's patronage. Lesser actions and sacrifice have earned the VC.
  9. What about the Irish and other EU citizens, who have certain rights that the Commonwealth do not?

    This is a disgrace. If the vetting regime is dependant upon a field in a box being changed to "British" from something else, it is fundamentally unsound!
  10. Fine man, and he is remembered where it counts.... VC or no VC

    Yes Oman was not reported much in the UK at the time, but Capt Keely was later awarded the DSO plus a DCM & two MC's were also awarded to other BATT members

    Sgt. Talaiasi Labalaba - BEM & MiD
    B Squadron 22nd. Special Air Service Regiment.
    17th. July 1972
    Lest we Forget
  11. Makes a commonwealth citizen wonder why he would pledge allegiance to the Queen, when you can't even fight for her anymore without becoming British...nice way to alienate the colonial ties even further.
  12. Interesting BN that you are not nearly so concerned as the others who have commented. I suspect a lot of us were concerned not so much about the practical effect of the changes, more about the implication that Commonwealth citizens serving in the British forces somehow have a second class brand of loyalty.

    As the saying goes, we would be "speaking German now" but for the loyalty and valour shown by people from across the Commonwealth in two world wars.

    However, the recent changes have had some real impact, see the separate thread about a Canadian citizen who wants to join the British Army and having started the enlistment process may have run foul of new residence requirements.
  13. I assume the Govt. is trying to cover up the recruiting/retention snafu with this?
  14. This, to me, is also very bizarre.

    I had to fight to GET my British passport. Further, there are a number of incidents where CW soldiers got nothing out of serving, but the boot!

    particularly remember a Jamacian para who was given the heave ho after the Falklands, but saved after a newspaper campaign.

    My understanding of this little gem is that under current EU legislation there is a restriction on "third party country nationals" signing up for any EU National Army.

    I could be wrong, but i believe this is part and parcel of the EU campaign to bring Military recruiting and manning under the centralise control of Brussels.
  15. Interesting, PY, any source for this apart from the Telegraph opinion piece posted by tomahawk6 in the "EU Army" thread? I dont know, but somehow I suspect another "straight banana" anti-EU hoax. If it is true, how would it affect the Foreign Legion? Also, the new citizenship requirement is supposed to apply only to those needing DV, cant see that being anything to do with Brussels.