Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by no1cares, Jun 28, 2006.

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  1. Is David Beckham a legend??????

    I wouldn't even mention his name in the same sentence as Zidane, Pele or Rivaldo.
  2. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I thought you meant that fine German brew and not that half pint shandy that England have for a Captain. However, I do agree that he is not worthy enough to mention in the same sentence as the fottballing legends Zidane, Pele and Rivaldo :wink:
  3. No! John Holmes, now he is a legend. Incidentally, since his daughter Katie got wed, he is now father in law to Tom Cruise, who is a little prick.

    You coudnt make this stuff up!
  4. Damm being the naafi bar i got all excited of a chat about Becks Gold :( :(
  5. He may well be to loads of people, but in the greater scheme of other sporting feats and the dangers experienced in other disciplines, would you really attach the term "Legend" to a footballer.
    For example would you not think that the term legend would be more suited to L/Cpl Dave 'Swampy' Hamstercage, BAOR combined P1ss jousting and beer b0ll0ck displacement champion, 1984 to 1993?
  6. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Now that is unfair Rigger - to mention U/A/L/Cpl Dave 'Swampy' Hamstercage while talking about the pansies who play footy is only to bring said Swampy into disrepute. Surely he is not just a legend but one of heroic stature!
  7. Legend my Brenda Fricker!!!

    Much as I enjoy football and admire Davids ability to take free kicks, legend is a sobriquet that is bandied about far too easily for my liking. How can you be a legend, doing something you enjoy anyway for a huge pot of cash, with the dubious bonus of getting to put the balls to a woman that makes Lena Zavaroni look like Kelly Osborne??

    No. True legends are made of much sterner stuff. Take for instance, Jimmy 'Ginster Boy' Maclintock, late of the Royal Corps of Signals. Jimmy achieved his legendary status by being the laziest and fattest man ever to have served in the Corps, which takes some fcuking doing.

    He once consumed, in a single NAAFI break, 5 ploughmans pasties, a beef slice and a bottle of Sunny Delight. Unfortunately for Jimmy, chomping on the beef slice took him over the half hour and meant that he had to run/amble/waddle back to the troop before he got done for a late show. The 100m jog was more exercise than he'd done in the previous 4 years and resulted in him emptying his stomach contents on to a trailer canopy. The combination of the Sunny D and Ginsters finest, produced a yak so toxic, it immediately burnt through the canopy and punctured one of the trailer wheels. Onlookers described as being like ' when that fookin' aliens blood knacks the hull of the fookin Nostromo'

    He is the only man in the Corps who had to buckle two stable belts together to achieve a complete lap of his pi-sstank.
  8. RTFQ


    How many times has David (Mr Posh Spice) Beckham been seen running around the Royal Exchange, with a burning hexamine block forged to his forehead, shouting "Me eyes, it's in me eyes!"? Is he the kind of man that, while this is happening to him, would listen to drunken cries of "Drop and Roll!"? Have you ever seen a man rolling around on the sambuca/tequila sodden floor, trying to put out a fire ON HIS FOREHEAD? It's like a cross between breakdancing and, well, a big fecking inferno, and it is the stuff of legends.

    Playing three and in with a bunch of greasy wops doesn't even compare.
  9. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    And your point - if you have one and are sober - is :?

    Becks - legend - NO. Beckham - leg end - YES :x
  10. Becks - thought you meant the beer
  11. Me too, I was about to discuss how well it compares to Pils or BitBurger
  12. RTFQ does have a good point though. The ability to kick a ball does not constitute legendary status. The ability to do 2 full laps of a NAAFI assault course, in the raw, whilst doing 'ironman dance of the flaming arrseholes' (paper soaked in sambuca), then immediately jump onto the squadron freckles team for the regi' poo olympics- now that is what men are made of.