Becks wearing his OBE medal on the right hand lapel

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by naguere, Apr 29, 2011.

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  1. Is it correct to wear such medals on the right?

    I think it is, the left side for Military honours.

    Am I right or am i right?
  2. He's a civie, he can staple it to his forehead if he wants to. Who the f*ck is going to tell him he's wrong
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  3. Him and his missus are simply taking every opportunity to divert as much attention away from the main event and towards themselves as they can. Poor taste, IMO.
  4. Eh? Has he turned up in his old Man U strip or something?
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  5. bloody medal walt, and that silly sow of a wife pouting for the camera..............
  6. His forehead was looking very shiny I must say.....I am sure Victoria said to him as they entered " Jesus H Christ is not as good as it?"
  7. how dare a man who is probably more famous world wide wave to his fans who cheered him. the outrage of it all
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  8. I'm not saying they look anything other than well dressed for the occasion. However, the fact that this thread even exists proves the point I'm trying to make.
  9. how very dare him !!!!!!!!
  10. No but for some reason he's brought a gibbon along with him. Sorry on second glance it's his gopping missus.
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  11. Who cares?
    Can we get back to discussing Kate's mum please.
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  12. i bet becks has an itch in his pants now tpt has tipped up............
  13. That's not really possible is it? Admit it, you support Man Utd?
  14. Look the guys a witless moron, it wouldn't surprise me if it was on upside down. And his wife is a talentless anorexic slag, who stands there like a cunt cos she thinks the camera's are on her and not her husband
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  15. VB looks as if she misread the invitation and thought it was a funeral (plain black dress) and something bizarre stuck to her forehead.