Beckham Resigns - About bloody time too!

Is it just me that thinks that Beckham has done the right thing? We have never won anything under his captainage, and it's only right an proper that he gives way to someone that can do the job properly. A good fooballer, yes. A good captain, no! Who next, Gerrard?
england as a team are carrying beckham & have been for some time now. when they brought lennon on they looked a completely different team. resign the captaincy he should retire from fitba full stop.

by the way i am a scot BUT a fitba fan at the end of the day
About time he steped down, he would have been sacked other wise! He earned millions, lives a lavish lifestyle, speaks incoherently like a 10 year old and in his 6 years as Captain has won bugger all that counted... eg a World Cup etc! I hope he is not selected and get the message to give up on foot ball and go in to being a full time celeb and leaving space for some new and hopefully talented played to emerge who can win a world cup
Stevie G has to be the next England Captain. His leadership is phenomenal with Liverpool and as the England Captain he would have more of a free reign and be able to exploit the areas of the field that suit his game and ability, rather than being stifled as it appears he has been at this world cup.
Now as a typical girly I know sod all about footie and am quite happy to stay ignorant about the game, but if there is a God, this resignation will also knock his thick ugly bint of a wife off the front page too....and that can only be a good thing. Even with my lack of knowledge about the game, its glaringly obvious that Beckham couldn't motivate a team - well, not unless the Mrs told him what to do. If footie was less about money and more about skill than it has been of late then maybe just maybe I'd be converted... reckon that will ever happen guys?
Think i might be p*ssing against the wind here but Becks did alright for me as our captain.I seem to remember him scoring against Greece for us to qualify last world cup.His goals this time have seen us through when everything else looked dire.Take the p*ss as much as you like but for talent there aren't many in England who can say they are as good or will do as good a job as he did. I think as said before Terry should now be given the chance,he for me has captain written all over him. Well played Becks in my book you were f**king brilliant as our captain.
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