Beckham quits

What a Wan**k. Cant he take defeat or has he lost his touch and he knows it!!


He’s been in the job too long and produced very little results, lets hope the next skipper can do a better job.
Who do you think will be the next skipper, Owen? i think Gary Neville will take it, but could Rio or Terry be better?


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Laura2006 said:
Who do you think will be the next skipper, Owen? i think Gary Neville will take it, but could Rio or Terry be better?
I think Gary Neville should get it. He is the oldest and most experienced player and is well used to losing. (And he is a crap player also)
What ever you think of Beckham, even if he was having a crap game he put in the mileage and effort. As for the new Captain, John Terry would be my choice.
Terry should get it. Lampard and Gerrard are in my opinion, not 'world class' players. They looked out of their league throughout te World Cup. Players like Kaka and Ribery of France are World Class.
Seems like a nice bloke, always put in the required effort and more, but he's lost his skill somewhat. Pity really, but you never know, a new captain and manager might be just what the team needs.
it reminded me of when alan shearer quit international football. he had been getting loads of heat in the press for sh*t performances, was no longer up to the job etc. the writing was on the wall, and he jumped before being pushed.

beckham did it with dignity, but clearly knew that it would make things much easier for mclaren if he went gracefully - rather than mclaren just appointing someone else.

personally, i dont think he plays with the same fire in his belly since moving to spain. used to be phenomenal - now distinctly average, except his setpiece delivery.

door open for aaron lennon, methinks... or move gerrard to the right. cole, lampard, hargreaves and gerrard. (and i never thought i would say that, but owen hargreaves was outstanding when played in his defensive midfielder role... mind you, ledley king was too when he did it.)
Is this news? I watched the game and I rather thought he had quit about eight hours before kick-off.

As for Super Stevie Gerrard as a successor...he didn't exactly show the powers of leadership did he? John Terry however has a lot of minerals and didn't have a bad Cup.

On the plus side you England-shire chaps should have been very pleased with the performances of Lennon and Coles (both of them but particularly Joe...I suppose they'll have to change that samsung ad now, the choice of quarter finalists or something similar...)
I know very little about the round ball game (step in CRmeansCrutchRot) but I fail to see why they need a captain on the field of play. What I saw was a group of blokes who obviously have individual skills but who had no idea of working as a team. I cannot believe that getting them to play together with some sort of tactics was not tried during the time they were together. All they seemed able to do was get it near Rooney and see what he could do with it. The Portos getting rid of him was the easiest part of the match. Tactics then switched to getting it to Crouch. If a military team leader could not get his guys working together better than Beckham seems to have done, he would have been set to peel spuds.


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CRmeansCeilingReached said:
that's because football hadn't been invented when you were of an age to play it, ORC :)
You were right on cue CRCR - are you stalking ORC? :p
did beckham run this by his missus first cus if not she will be well pissed now she aint the wife of the top dog. or should that be bitch of the top dog cus she is awful. ugly skinny tart, more meat on a sparrows kneecap. rant over.
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