Beckham Out Of World Cup.

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by ALVIN, Mar 15, 2010.

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  1. Sky news is reporting that David Beckham has torn his Achilles tendon effectively ruling him out of this years World Cup and due to his age ending his world cup dreams.
    Is this a serious blow for England?
  2. Not really, he's shite.

    It is fairly amusing though.
  3. Good, at least he won’t have the chance of blowing it for a third time
  4. England havent done well in World Cups with him on the team before, maybe without him they will play better.....
  5. He's a one trick pony like Owen, football has moved on.
  6. I hope so, I bought someone an England football shirt from sportsdirect I get my money back if England win.
  7. He might be a bit of a c0ck end with a cadaver wife, but I'm yet to see anyone with similar all round skills in the current squad.

    Haven't seen a similar ability in long or short range passing into the box. No doubt he is a three trick pony, those being free kicks, passing accurately and being everywhere on the pitch.

    I think we will be worse off without him.

    But he's still a gay kissball player.
  8. Does this mean we'll be subjected to loads of graphics on TV with images of what the injury will look like and 'experts' telling us what we already know?

    Lets hope Owen gets hit by a bus as well.

    (When we get knocked out - will the press be asking; 'If Beckham's injury hadn't happend...')
  9. Just seen one of those graphics ...... why Finland for treatment?

    But it's a pity if he's out, and you get your wish and Owen goes our too, as they're easily the two best looking.
  10. No No and No
  11. Don't worry the whole shower of a team will be following him at the knockout stage.
    A.B.E! :D
  12. Hope Rooney's next
  13. Wish i could get "next day" treatment in a top European hospital for a non life threatening injury!
    O'The life styles and privileges of the rich and famous. :omfg:
  14. Remind me again of all the international honours that england have won with Beckham on the side? ...or even since 1966...or apart from 1966, ever...