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Beckham nativity



Does David B actually know three wise men? - and it is a good job he went to Spain, 'cos he'd never find a virgin in Manchester
I don't know if there are any nativity type scenes or imagry in the Koran but if there are, I do know that nobody would dare take the p1ss by having them represented by wax models of a ball kicker, a karaoke practitioner, a shaved chimp and his poodle and (God bless him) Prince Philip.

Blunkett you knob. It isn't Islam that needs protecting.
I love the idea that vickie B is playing a virgin. Just proves she hasn't sacked the PR person who nicknamed her POSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How about budda as a punk?

Or a muslim with a bomb belt on, after all isn't that a fundermentalpart of their religon?

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