Beckett urges Iraq policy review-Daily Express13/12/06


From Todays Daily Express;

The Government must consider whether a change of policy is needed in Iraq, Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett says.

But she insisted there had been security improvements in areas of British-controlled Basra and cited the recent Iraq Study Group's warning that there was "no magic formula".

Asked whether a new policy was required on Iraq, she told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme: "I agree that we need to reassess whether change is needed. But can I remind you that the Iraq Study Group says there is no magic formula."

Her comments came as it emerged that US President George Bush has delayed an announcement on a possible change of policy in the light of the Iraq Study Group report, published last week.

Mrs Beckett denied that Britain was waiting to take its lead from Washington, saying: "No doubt there will be discussions in the American government.

"There are and will be discussions in our Government and we will come to our own conclusions."

Prime Minister Tony Blair indicated on Tuesday that moves towards withdrawal would take place more quickly in Basra than US-controlled Baghdad, where much of the violence is concentrated.

Mrs Beckett stressed the difference in circumstances between Baghdad and Basra.

"The situation in Baghdad is unquestionably extremely difficult," she said, adding that the capital accounted for 80% of the violence.

She went on: "A lot of work is being undertaken in Basra with an enormous contribution from the British Army. There are many areas of Basra where, yes, things are better (than six months ago)."

-It makes me wonder that if so many MPs are 'urging' changes in Iraq or Afghanistan,why does'nt bLair & his cronies sit up and take notice?
Oh hang on,just realised what I've asked!! Of course they dont care!! Seems to me that they're junping on the bandwagon to boost their own egos!