Beckett flying by seat of pants

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Interceptor, May 9, 2006.

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  1. From the BBC:

    "UK foreign secretary Margaret Beckett has said she is "flying by the seat of my pants" in her new job."

    [​IMG] or [​IMG]
  2. Why didn't she bring them with her?

    Did she leave them on the courtesy bus?

    I flew by Tescos but I'm not wearing a supermarket.

    Silly bitch.
  3. Bet her arse doesn't look anything like as tasty as the one on the right :lol:

    Best wishes
  4. Beckett, seat & pants...... why, when all three are used in one sentence, do I have this irresistable urge to shudder uncontrolably? Horrible, horrible thoughts. :?
  5. Sure you dont mean "Lying by the seat of my pants"?
  6. A government minister who doesn't tell the truth

    SHAME on you for saying such things
    You must be a lying communist pinko
    oops sorry they're the ones grimly holding onto power at the mo.

    We all know she got the job cos Jack Straw was too vocal about Iran and anti-American(well certain americans eh!! nudge nudge)
  7. Jack straw was a leftist drug taking moron. Replaced by a leftist drug taking moron who frankly is a feeble excuse for a states"person" if ever there was one. So out of her depth in a paddling pool let alone when among the world's toughest foreign policy players. Jack straw was like a wet fart at the weekend at the best of times too.

    Prescott is a thick as mince, although respect for a man that can retain a £175k plus job a year and actually do less since he "lost his department" well played that man. Smacks of desperation from Bliar to keep his cronies close in times of need. If Bliar ever gets run over by a bus on the way to collect his chilblains from public school, and Prescott takes over, god 'elp us all.
  8. Dont forget that grinning nonentity Kelly, who as a member of a secret Vatican society wears razor wire garters with her fish-nets.
  9. Not a pretty sight
  10. You don't say...


    Are we trying to scare the rogue nations into submission? "Comply or we'll send Margaret to visit you!" 8O