Becca1982 - Ultimate Walt?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cait, Jan 31, 2005.

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  1. Is Becca Arrse's biggest Walt ? (BB has her own category of insanity)

    Follow the link to her/his/its Yahoo Profile.

    Becca1982 has uploaded several pictures in the Gallery of Michelle Marsh why? Then copied my picture out of the gallery and added to her profile, why?

    If you so want to be me... then you could have at least chosen a better photo, I have a cracking set of chebs & C95 does nothing for them.

    If it was a uniform thing then little suggestion for you... drag your baggy hoop down the careers office, sign on the line, take the Queens Shilling and f.ucking earn it you pathetic walt.

    I would take great pleasure from insulting you, calling you a waltc.untingnobfucker but i fear you are not worthy of such greatness.

    So in the words of a very wise & mighty man... you pebble.
  2. Cait, is that shot of you pushing your tea towel holder to camera one of yours too? :wink: :wink:
  3. I would gamble that Lil_hotty86 / Becca 1982 is really a 21stone growler with a cleft pallet, stammer and a hygeine problem

    BB was a walt but even she holds the moral high ground compared to you, at least she is proud of being a minging munter and burns victim, you just hide it by pretending to be someone else....

    Unless of course you are a brickie from Stockport with hairy palms and a pencheant for soldiers.... if so you could PM FLash :D He is still serving and almost qualifies as a soldier...just a shoddy one :D
  4. Has he re-badged then, or are you using the AAC definition of Soldier?
  5. is the star picture of flash post op?

  6. I wish, bbc! If I had a set of top bollox and a front bottom like that, I'd spend all day playing with meself! :p
  7. No change there then :roll:
  8. OK, so who is the chick in the car, and is she the same bird showing us what she had for dinner yesterday.

    All four pictures on the top row most definately show the same creature.

    Im tired,Ive had a schitty day if Ive missed the obvious then pls be gentle and tell me.
  9. Which one is the picture of you then cait?

    Is it the one with the colon almost touching the camera lense? (must have been are REAL good night! 8O )

    she may have made a mistake, or maybe she just has an obsession with blonde bimbos! (hence why your on there! :twisted: )[/url]

  10. You know what? I like you... A lot... :D
  11. God almighty! That has got to be one of the most monumentally stupid things for anyone to do on ARRSE that I have seen for a long time.

    Whomever you actually are go get some help. I am not even sure what kind of help you need but just go get some. Lots of it.

    I am not usually one to insult other people in a direct way on arrse but I am going to break my usual habit due to the gross idiocy (no sorry thats an insult to idiots). I shall break my habit due to the HOONesque quality of your trangression.

    Whatever you are or whomever you are if you were trying to pass yourself off as cait - 'king failed because you have a mindnumbing lack of cerebral tissue inside that vacuous space known as your cranial cavity. I am sorry I was using polysyllabic words at you. I shall translate. You are a fcuk wit p*ss off you kiddy fiddling scat muncher.

    If you were making a feeble attempt to get a response from us by taking another members photos, not to mention some other female's pictures, and passing them off as your own then you must need cranio-maxillary realignment, liposuction abdominoplasty, implants, intensive CBT and possibly DBT and long term reductionist traning. Sorry big words again - translation. You are a fcuk wit p*ss off you kiddy fiddling scat muncher.

    I hope that some large man of questionable hygiene, health status, intelligence and moral rectitude finds you alone somewhere and introduces you to several of the more violent and completely disgusting "sexual" acts that are possible for one human and several large vicious animals can inflict on another "person". That is if in fact you are human.

    Get a life........don't borrow caits. She is way out of your league.
  12. Marry Me.... :D
  13. Get off that fence & say what you mean
  14. if I only knew what half of them big words meant, I still agree with you mizz :wink:
    ps i think most of the pics are of michelle marsh?? think thats her name anyway..
  15. Never mind all that. Can we just have some more pictures of that nice blonde girl please?