Because 'Straya mate!

If it is genuine, I'll be looking forward to seeing what he gets charged with.
No doubt the fun police will be in a frenzy trawling the statute books.
Can I ask for a bit of assistance here? I have of course been elsewhere online but you can never really tell what's paid advertising and what is genuine and the good folks on ARRSE are a sensible lot and full of good advice (sometimes).

My missus and my 10-yr-old daughter are going to Sydney in a few weeks, my wife has business to sort out and it will be a nice treat for mum and daughter to bond without boring old Dad dragging them to train museums or whatever.

Simple question, they will do the Opera House/Harbor bit obviously but as they'll be there for over a week they'd like to do something more, and more to the point they won't be flush with cash so cheap or free would be especially pleasing, what would you recommend they do/see? They will be staying relatively centrally and reliant on taxis and public transport.

All advice gratefully accepted.
Bit of a follow up. Has the family had their holiday yet, Mike?

Mike Barton

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Bit of a follow up. Has the family had their holiday yet, Mike?
Thank you for asking, sorry I never got in touch but as it turns out it was all a bit of a flying visit, a couple of days mostly taken up with business, they didn't get much time to do anything beyond a few pictures taken at the Opera House. They did have fun though, it was nice for them to get away on a girls' trip together.

Thanks again for your kind help, if we ever decide to take a longer trip I will be annoying you with lots of questions.

It's a bit chilly there now I believe.
It's a bit chilly there now I believe.
Yeah, they must have bought a bit of England with them. 11 degrees Celsius and raining at 11PM while I write this.

Not that I am complaining. We need at least a month of weather like this to make a dent in the drought. Sadly, it’ll be mostly over in two days.

Listening to the idiots on TV however, you think they’ve completely forgotten about the 45 degree days that we had last summer and the fact the dam is down to about 60%
Just what I needed to today as a pick-me-up, an outbreak of common sense and cruelty to vegans in one package.

Sounds like the neighbor from Hell. Hopefully if she does go back to court again, she'll be charged with wasting the judiciary's time.
It's a bit chilly there now I believe.
Burnt a cubic metre of logs last week. Sat shivering (ie had to put an extra fleece on) all day Saturday as we couldn’t get the house warm.

Today I’m sitting on my deck in shorts and a T short with a glass of wine watching the sun go down.

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