Because 'Straya mate!


I am missing my daily dose of 'Strayan stories, and fuckwittery in general now that Bushmills has buggered off. So, I am starting a new thread for all things Aussie.

Straya is like the Florida of British Commonwealth.

And to start of with, here's one. Why? It's 'Straya, mate, why the hell not? And his explanation, " Well, I lost me license." Fair dinkum mate, fair dinkum.

Australian caught towing boat with mobility scooter after losing licence
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Aussie police, no fun.

They could have waited until he got to the slipway.
Aussie police, no fun.

Aussie cops are definitely turning to into fun killing types. Every time I visit the place a, it just seems to be a bit more strict, less fun. Sydney Kings Cross is a good example. What used to be a bustling night time spot is so flipping dead now, even on weekends, it's unbelievable. The difference between what it used to be back in 2008/09 to the current situation is night and day.

And they are speed nazis, right up there with cops from Ohio.
I like warm weather too, but not "I am going to die!" warm. That's why I alternate between cold and warm Xmases in Europe and in Cali.

And it's only October!

'The Sunshine State is sweltering today as a ‘heatwave’ sweeps through. Much of the state has hit the mid-30s, with some towns cracking 43C. The weather bureau has issued a fire weather warning for some areas.'

Fire warning as mercury soars past 43C

And if you want the other side of the coin


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I bloody love Australia.
Well, Perth , Fremantle, Lancelin, Dunsbrough and Eagle bay I do.

If I could emigrate there I definitely would.

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