Because it is there!! solo trip to cycle round the world!!

hello fellow arrser's!!

i have a mate who has just finished Uni and is cycling round the world for 2-3 years to raise awareness and hopefully funds for Combat stress

please could you take the time to visit his site!

it explains more on there and is quicker than me writing the full details!

perhaps if you look at his route and know of anyone who might give him a friendly place to kip on route round the globe would be a bonus!

i think he is a nut job! but hats off to him for doing it!!

thanks very muchly!!
regards Woody(ex Woodentop) :)
just another sly bump for Kev who has now reached italy(i know he is taking his time)he did get knocked off his bike in devon to be fair and fooked his leg up!!so had to take some time off!
feel free to visit his site and donate!! not to combat stress if you dont want to but there is a function to feed him for a day(3 quid the fat fooker)joke!
just a few quid a day keeps him going!! to raise awareness around the globe for our troops that may need help in the way of CS!
thanks for your time!
just another sly bump people to let you know kev is now mid turkey(not eating one)the country!
he has now decided to head south a bit and is taking the Iran (i know i did try talking him out of this way)route as it will be a tad too chilly further north at this time of year!
hopefully the mad fooker wont end up on the tinternet in a bright orange boilersuit!
please visit his site and donate!
to keep him going or to the worthy cause!
thanks for your time!!

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