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'Beaver tourism': can it work?

What do they taste like? The animal, I know what the other one tastes like.

So what of the "secret beavers" - the population which, unbeknownst to many people, has already established itself on the River Tay?
You know, I had an idea there were some Scotish ladies holding it back.....
Bloody stupid idea.

The "natural" beaver population is out of control on the Tay, the ones in Beauly have already escaped from where they were meant to be enclosed and there are rumours of people introducing more than just beavers into the Highlands.

Basically, there is no control, no real understanding of the population on the Tay and no chance of reversing the decision if it all goes Pete Tong (which it is!)
Best thing to come out of the whole story so far has been Michaela Strachan on Autumnwatch saying that she was "looking forward to some live beaver action"

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