Beaver or is it an Otter

The thread on the army helicopters in the far east reminded me of Mike Janes sergeant airtech who served on at least one Auster flight out there, now retired.

One of his many jobs was working for a helicopter operator in Canada.
Taken to a strip club and faced with a rather fetching naked lady wearing nothing but a smile, he was asked what he thought about the ladies Beaver.

Having never heard this expression before he commented that it looked more like an 0tter!!!

And lo the nickname "Otterman" followed him for the rest of his time in Canada!!!

Finally the company offered him a pretty good job in Canada which he turned down (and still regrets).

Jesus Mike! we've offered you a damn good job , a company house ,a company car, a good salary and even the company woman and your still turning us down!!!!!!

Happy days
During my time at BATUS the resident Beaver pilot took me up on an airtest and having quite a strong wind that day he Hovered over the field for say 5 mins. He was enjoying himself and I was most impressed.

Liked the Canuks good people and as it was at time of Falklands they where megga Pro Brit.
The Cowboys even stopped beating up young squaddei's for the duration.
Yep, the Canucks were very hospitable on every occasion that I stayed in Canada. And the wimmin were wonderful too. I always said that Canada was my most favorite country...... and then I came to Vietnam. So Canada is equal first now.

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