Beaver Maintenance Poll

What beaver do you prefer?

  • early 40's, no shaving?

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  • 70's, no beaver shaving but she does her armpits?

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  • 80's, "lips"still hairy and bad hair?

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  • 90's/noughtys, brazillian and bald?

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Having reviewed my porn collection prior to going on tour for a few months, i'v registered the fact that beavers have changed "shape"over the years. So what brand of beaver floats your boat?
I hope to God that you are talking about decades gone by and not the age of the ladies involved.

Here's Ethel in her 90's, "Brazilian and bald" 8O 8O

Still whatever floats your boat
It would take a coal miner to find her vagina - and the hairs on her dicky-di-do hang down to her knees.
Nothing wrong with a little granny love, but yes bagpuss, i was refering to trimming practices of years gone by :)



Number 2 all over. By that I mean that the parts should be well trimmed, not that they should be covered in dung.

Theres nothing worse than getting one of those guitar strings stuck at the back of your throat after a bit of cumulonimbus. You have to start pronouncing Welsh village names to get the fcukers out.


I suppose we would like the latest model that is out (just like cars) but most of us can't afford them anyway


Nice and neatly trimmed at the front over the beetle bonnet.
nowt underneath. Lovely. :roll:
Nice and tidy always get's my vote. Suppose it is just klike keeping up with the fashion and that seems to be turning full circle!! At present though after nearly a month away any hair style will do even just a quick glimpse :)


i like the bush to be hairy as i like to see my cock disappear into the dark jungle and also the way my load land on the top of the bush :twisted:
red bush does it even more for me :twisted: :p


I prefer the otter myself 8)
oohhhhhhh :oops:
:roll: Och be quiet the lot of you- you'll get what yer given :roll:
Too right 'they'll get what they're given'!!!

Most of 'em probably haven't seen one for donkey's yonks,.......

....and forgotten what it looks like anyway! :wink:

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