Beauty pageant with a twist

It's all down to this inclusion touchu feely malarky IMO, if she'd been bullied enough at school she wouldn't dare leave the house.
A childcare worker? FFS she can't look after her own well-being let alone those of kids.
Or if she were bullied at school she lost self-esteem and enjoyed eating as a way to provide solace and control on her life?
She'll be in good company in Hull, most of the women you see around there are moderately flabby to morbidly obese!
Um no they arent. I have fond memories of banging some of the local talent whilst on Class 1 drivers at nearby Leconsfield.
They were fucking stunners. Yes I was mortally pissed but they were the best of a bad bunch. Slim(ishish), sex on trotters, fairtoaverage. Faces that looked at home (not unusual considering the trawlers nearby). So Tricky198fucking2 wind your neck in.
said she feels in perfect health and only gets breathless going up and down stairs.
I'm not sure how to read this. Is it, only gets breathless going up and down stairs. As in she only gets breathless and doesn't keel over and fucking die? Or is it only gets breathless going up and down stairs. I suspect the latter as it doesn't look like she does any other fucking 'exercise'.

If I got breathless going up and down stairs I'd light up my last fag then blow my fucking brains out.
Come on lass........fart and give us a clue.
Now I like my women BIG, but I have limits.
OK, she's big and proud of it and I'm sure has a lovely personality, wants to travel, help the elderly etc.
But to enter a beauty pagent don't you need one key ingredient? BEAUTY!!
Watch the video clip. When the presenter asks the fat pageant organiser if it is responsible to hold such an event the woman's reply is barely coherent. She can hardly string a sentence together. I liked the 'mahout' comment above though. Titter.
One of the comments says her family should stop "feeding her delusions": stop feeding her Clark's Pies more like.

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