Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Awol, Oct 5, 2006.

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  1. Good vid.

    Single seat, less than 50', 420 kts +, casual glance at the map. Big hand of respect on the coolness front.

    (Before anyone asks, Frog Mirage F1's ) :rabbit:
  2. No Flash

    I could beat that going down the tube from R13!
  3. Top stuff.
  4. Less than 120 kts over the fence means youre a puff.
  5. They're still all gits :-D

    Good vid...
  6. Fantastic! I have another version of this video.
    These guys are French on ex in Chad, apparently.
  7. That explains it, they were running away.
  8. I could have been a fast jet jock, really I could have, I mean I prefer the army, honest.................does anyone else think they made the wrong decision 20 years earlier? Or is it just me :cry:
  9. These Russian chaps fly IFR (I Follow Rivers) in their Antanov 12. They were clearly very worried about getting above 200' for some reason.

    Antanov 12 being silly
  10. the whole french squadron got chopped / grounded.
  11. lordy almost makes you want to be french!!... er ...on second thoughts I'd rather eat the contents of my hoover bag..bloody good flying though!!
  12. ahhhhhh. :D