Beautiful Woman Seeks Men

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by PandaLOVE, Aug 26, 2006.

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  1. OK, it's simple. How much £££ for you to do the deed with this WRAC-a-like? You're allowed alcohol. :p

  2. Feck me readers!
    That is some gunt!
    If the dress wouldnt trip me out too much id need LSD and large doses before i ever went near that (again) let alone cash and alcohol!

    Oh yeah shes still got my trainers the munter.
  3. you mean i can get cash as well :? :? :? :?
  4. Sorry D&G, but your missus just doesn't do it for me.

    Like the Snoopy socks though!
  5. I thought doomandgloom had a mong and fatty fetish?
  6. check this hunny

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  7. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I'd rather shag this!!

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  8. Poor gals' just been shot point blank in the cnut with a sawn off or she's just lost her virginity. Second most unlikely.
  10. I have no idea what that substance dripping down her leg is, most likely a combination of bodily fluids.
  11. Tomato Ketchup... :roll:
  12. Have you ever met a woman?

    They're fcuking horrible, either leaking that shite, or a good facsimile of cottage cheese with thrush, or a scene off ER once a month.

    Watch one of them give birth and then tell me that you ever want to play again (I think that the arrse contracting and expanding puts you off). It took me 3 times of watching it to realise how horrible they are.

    Bin em and go gay. At least you always know what colour sh1te and piles are ;)

    I stopped nailing Dale for those reasons, badly packed kebab is an expression but you can take the p1ss. Anything you have to lift with a forklift is bad news
  13. I don't want to think about her, but I do fancy the giant Donut she seems to have snaffled from Dunkin Donuts. Is that a sugar frosting I see?
  14. ether that or one of her boll-ox has dropped.
  15. I've just woken up after dreaming about this sweet thing and I have a few questions before commiting myself to doing her:

    1. Is she up for a 69 ?
    2. Does she prefer to get on top ?
    3. I can't tell, but could someone find out whether she has a brazillian shave.
    4. I suspect she swollows - can this be confirmed please.
    5. How clean is her dirt box ? Can she actually reach to wipe it properly ?