Beautiful woman saved - Geldof finally makes me happy

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by trickywoo56, Jul 2, 2005.

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  1. Eating me dinner, watching Live8 just now and there was a montage of the African kids and all that and then a separate, heartwarming story about a girl who, 20 years ago, had only 10 minutes to live but thanks to the Geldof has now just left Agricultural college. This is great news! I was getting a bit worried during the montage but thanks to Geldof when I go to Cape Town there'll still be someone left alive to clean my pool. In her knicks n'all if I'm in a good mood.

  2. I agree Woo

    I also feel this sing song sharade is nothing but a waste of time, take this chap for example

    He's not hungry, look at the gut on him, he can only have piled out of the pie shop in down town Addis Ababa a momet ago.

    If he is really that hungry, why doesn't he cut up his sister / granny and scoff her... I'll tell you why... BONE FCUKING IDLE! :D not a days graft in them, all they want to do all day is sunbathe and tease the lions and vultures then have Johnny Westerner bring him his tea and pudding.
  3. I woke up in the night, absolutely famished, I looked almost Biafran.

    I wandered into the back room and lay on the couch almost weak with hunger.

    Did any cnut lay on a posh concert for me? Did anyone send a comedian round to my house to make a documentry and cry when they saw I hadn't eaten since tea time? Did Bob Geldof rant in a way that his filthy dandruff covered everything in the lounge?............ Nothing!

    I had to make a cheese toastie all on my own then venture all the way back upstairs unaided..... Double fcuking standards I'll tell you
  4. Yep - here's a recent (edited for brevity) story from SA illustrating the problem:

    "Masturbating boys cause a stir"

    Tzaneen - Sexily-dressed women in a small Limpopo town have fallen prey to a group of teenage street kids that masturbate in public whenever they see them. One woman, 24-year-old Gloria Shingange, had an embarrassing moment on Thursday when the boys drooled over her at the Tzaneen Mall because she was wearing a mini-skirt. "They followed me around the mall with their hands inside their trousers. I walked out of the mall and when I stopped at the robot next to the Tzaneen police station they shouted saying I was attractive," Shingage said. She said the boys took out their penises and started masturbating in full view of everyone while groaning in ecstasy.

    Cops just laughed "One of them said my legs were sexy. He then closed his eyes, grimaced and shouted at the top of his voice in apparent enjoyment of what he was doing," said Shingange. "He held up his penis for everyone to see and started masturbating," she added. "I was very embarrassed. They stopped traffic and all eyes were on me." Shingange's embarrassment was however not going to end there.

    The incident sent police officers at the Tzaneen station into stitches as she tried to open a case of public indecency. The police allegedly refused to open a case, claiming that the street kids didn't commit any offence because they didn't touch her.
    "They told me straight in the face that they were not taking my complaint because I wasn't raped," said Shingange. Mopani police spokesperson Superintendent Moatshe Ngoepe said he wasn't aware of the matter. "This is an act of public indecency and cannot be tolerated," Ngoepe said. "Anyone who tries to open a case of any kind at a police station and finds no help must not leave the station without speaking to the station commissioner," he added.

    Some people however have a different view. Vegetable vendor Mthavini Khoza said she condoned the boys' action. "These boys are doing the right thing because their actions are likely to reduce the tendencies of wearing 3cm (sic) skirts in public and embarrass every woman," she said. "I wish they rape them one day so they may start respecting their bodies," Khoza said.

    One of the boys, a 14-year-old whose name cannot be revealed because of his age, had no qualms to speak about the incident.
    "I feel very happy after masturbating next to a woman with beautiful legs and wearing see-through clothes," the boy said.
    "There is no girl out there who wants a filthy glue-sniffing street kid so the only way to relieve our sexual appetite is to masturbate," he explained.
  5. I hate him. Casualty is cancelled because of his shite concert.

    Sliuce-Dweller and I are most disgruntled.

    Madonna was shite too, and Bryan Adams was not on long enough (letch factor of course).

    However, I did get a visit from Fish Head, who cheered me up enormously.

    Is there a website I can complain about Casualty to? Do I need to resort to surfing my 10000 channels of garbage?


    Sluggy x

    (Still lurking in West Oceania)
  6. "I had to make a cheese toastie all on my own then venture all the way back upstairs unaided..... Double fcuking standards I'll tell you "


    Darling, if I had known, I would have got my skimpiest loin cloth on and spread that cheese on for you with my own fair hands...... and then carried you upstairs and warmed you in my own special way...... God forbid that my favourite pin up suffer unnecessarily.....
  7. I recalla a bit back one of the Top Popsies [ Mariah Carey??] who spoke about the problems in Africa..saying how upset she was at how thin the girls were.


    " Oh, They all looked so thin.. I'd die to be that thin, but without the flies and death, of course.."..
  8. She is a fat moose that needs a quick Slug Diet.

    (9 stone wet though - bring it on)

  9. Yes, faster isn't always better...although brewer's can't quite finish is worse than brewer's droop IMHO!
  10. Madonna is looking very old and haggard. Is that what kabala does to you?
  11. Don't get sucked into this monumental con. I saw similar footage during the original Live Aid concert and was swayed by Geldorf screeching 'Send ya fcuking money now for these people'. 'Thats a bargain' I thought and sent a fiver. Those people still have not been sent to me. I bought them fair and square but have been conned by Geldorf the Nigerian scamster. :evil:
  12. I watched the show from time to time yestarday. There was one aspect that made me feel physically sick and made me wonder what Wetsern Civilisation had stooped to - did nobody tell Geldof about his singularly ill-advised HAT??