Beautiful Cervix Project

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by InspectorDiver, Oct 22, 2009.

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  1. Just wondering if any of you guys are familiar with this..

    Maybe NSFW, depends on your working environment.

  2. What the fuuck!

    Excellent work. How did you find the site you wrong un?
  3. good fcuking god....

    why would anyone post that???

    anyways... fap fap fap :roll:
  4. no the evil people from dfts have blocked the site from my eyes... gggrrr
  5. Sick puppy. Cap doffed.
  6. A very talented boyfriend with a digital camera and a headlamp........

    Somebody ought to have explained to him that you aren't supposed to wedge your head in there
  7. :) :)

    Edit... beaten by three seconds
  8. I knew there was I reason I like to do them up the wrong un!

  9. Don't worry, it only looks like a bloodshot oyster.
  10. Day 16 and 18 made me feel a bit sick! 8O
  11. I wonder if we can convince her to do the same thing but with her clit this time......
  12. My boss emailed me the address, he knew I'd appreciate it :twisted:
  13. Never trust an animal that bleeds for a week but doesn't die.

  14. so thats where I've been going wrong.
  15. That reminds me.I have some rabbits to gut.