Beauties on parade

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by KGB_resident, Dec 3, 2010.

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  1. [​IMG]


    Why not to have female regiments in the HM armed forces?
  2. They all look like they have just walked into an invisible pane of glass with the sun low over the horizon.
  3. Not sure I`d call them "Beauties" but I bet most of them scrub up quite well and after a few jars of rice wine, well, why not? SF, just as a matter of interest, and taking your avatar into account, are you a racist black bastard?
  4. screw that they would all come on together, what a fighting force
  5. Why are they all wearing their dad's medals?
  6. The one that really stood out for me was back rank, sixth from left. What a stunner.

    Oh, er, maybe fifth from left, could have been eighth. No, wait, er.......

    Actually, as disimilar as fish fingers in a box. All women Regiments are a bad idea. What happens when they ovulate together? Do they cross the 38th parallel for a week, then say sorry and go home, only to return 3 weeks later?
  7. well they aint that pretty and cammed up even worse mind you when yer freezing yer nackers off i suppose a few of them to keep you warm might be ok,but how do you say get yer kit off in chineese
  8. A woman saying "sorry"? As if, soft lad.
  9. 出发您的成套工具
    However, seeing that they are North Korean, 당신 장비를 떨어져 얻으십시오 might be more appropriate.
  10. ta for the info but whats the point in having a company of crumpet from north korea when that little arse would be behind them !!!

  11. We used to, they were called W.R.A.C many a naughty acronim derived from those letters!
  12. Kazakhstan



    Btw, where is Borat?

  13. Dear Santa,

    I've been exceptionally good all year, PLEASE may I have a box of these for Christmas (Preferably the larger size!)? I promise to look after them very well!

    P.S Do they come with a repair kit?
  14. Our own Beauties (just before going) on Parade


  15. Any one of them could be Borats mother. Is that the Kazakhstan airline airstewardesses marching band circa 1965?