Beautician wanting to join TA

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Vikki, Apr 3, 2012.

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  1. No vacancies for beauticians.
  2. This should be fun
  3. Ha ha ha. OK, this is the best advice you will get on here;

    Step 1 - Change your avatar and dont use a pic of yourself.
    Step 2 - Try using the search function or google to look into options available to you in the TA.
    Step 3 - If you pose a question you may well get a response. A vague statement will just open you up for abuse. So if after step 2 you have questions, ask them and dont make us guess what you are wanting to know!
  4. Nearly 15 minutes and no photo requests? Sort it out gents.
  5. Step 3 was written before the other posts arrived, im too slow.
  6. Youre very beautiful, do you want to transfer to Ox/Bucks and join an infantry battalion. You could practice first aids on me anytime xx
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  7. 203 field hospital are based in Cardiff. They take non medics on and train them up as Combat Medical Technicians.
  8. I just gave you the best advice you're klikely to receive and you threw it back in my face like a monkey throwing shit. Good luck!

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  9. Arrse_onist was being perfectly resonable

    If I were you I'd lose the avatar very quickly. There are some rough children about and if you lose the pjcture and the attitude you have more chance of reasonable answers.
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  10. 203 are very good. Go & have a chat.

    I like Welsh girls. Lots of quality, and very very cheap.