Beautician wanting to join TA

Ha ha ha. OK, this is the best advice you will get on here;

Step 1 - Change your avatar and dont use a pic of yourself.
Step 2 - Try using the search function or google to look into options available to you in the TA.
Step 3 - If you pose a question you may well get a response. A vague statement will just open you up for abuse. So if after step 2 you have questions, ask them and dont make us guess what you are wanting to know!
Nearly 15 minutes and no photo requests? Sort it out gents.
Step 3 was written before the other posts arrived, im too slow.
203 field hospital are based in Cardiff. They take non medics on and train them up as Combat Medical Technicians.
I just gave you the best advice you're klikely to receive and you threw it back in my face like a monkey throwing shit. Good luck!

Arrse_onist was being perfectly resonable

If I were you I'd lose the avatar very quickly. There are some rough children about and if you lose the pjcture and the attitude you have more chance of reasonable answers.
Why on earth did you advise her to get rid of the pic? In the unlikely event that it is actually a real chick, I have no idea if she's hot or not. Thanks bell ends.
She was ok i guess, assuming she was relatively slim (face shot only) I would class her as a 4-5 pinter. Stella that is. None of that weak pish like fosters!

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