Beats Save the Salamander Day

This from Canuckistan and the Canajan Press:

What started as a few Facebook groups instead became a nationwide police effort yesterday, as officers responded to a national " Kick a Ginger Day " that targeted red haired children.

In Prince George, B.C. , a " ginger " - a redhead - was kicked 18 times before being allowed to go home, the RCMP said.

And in Comox, B.C., 1000 km southwest, RCMP were investigating the young man who administered the biggest " Kick a Ginger Day " Facebook group, which drew some 4800 members. Messages on the group throughout the day included pledges to follow through on the day - which advocates exactly what the name suggests - as well as rebuttals from redheads concerned for their own safety.

The whole ordeal appears to have been inspired by a recent episode of the popular animated TV show, South Park. In the episode, the potty-mouthed character, Cartman, delivers a class presentation on ' ginger kids', referring to redheads as ' nasty' and ' born with a disease '.

School board officials across the country were familiar with the day's planned purpose and were warning teachers. Some parents contacted school boards after stumbling on the website.

Some redheaded kids were kept home because they were afraid of the repercussions.

etc., etc.

Guess I won't be getting a day off work, then..

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