Beats having the runs


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Doesnt need exercise or feeding. Doesnt shit on the kitchen floor or clog the Hoover with fur, doesnt smell or stick its cold wet nose into your crotch or try to hump your girls leg...

Whats not to like?
THIS is a giant parasite:

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

arby said:
MSN said:
Shaw's and its parent company, Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises
love it. Almost as good as that chipshop in Maidenhead called Cod Almighty
That's nothing we have the "For Cod and Ulster" chip shop on the Albertbridge Road in Belfast!!!

Apparently you can get an Ian Paisley Burger
Fish mongers have known about those things for years. If you ask nicely at the wholesaler,you get to see the huge tunnels they make in swordfish flesh. Up to about an inch across. Wont harm you if the fish is properly cooked. I would think twice about most sashimi though-Japanese chefs have higher standards than a British school leaver in a factory in Slough.

On chinese takeaway names, Eccles has a FUK YU, and Bromyard has a SHUN FAT


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In Fally is a hairdressers called Hair Killers! I don't think it gets used much.

There was also one called Salon Krapp. It's closed now.
Spent part of my time in Israel last March looking for the Dairy Deli known as Cheeses of Nazareth...people kept telling me about it, but didn't have the time to track it down...
<------- Look there.

That bus is from a hotel just down the road from here and yes that really is the name of the place.

I think I win :)


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There's a Hymen's Delicatessen in Cheadle. It's about the only place you can find a virgin within 20 miles of Stockport.
...and don't forget this sandwich shop:


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