Beatles HELP! - Were you there?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by flamingo, Nov 25, 2007.

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  1. Hi All

    Just looking at the Beatles in Help, and during the scenes filmed in Sailsbury Plain, I was wondering if any of the old ARRSERs out there were involved in the filming, if so, what was it like?

  2. The bloke with the long hair, round glasses, playing the guitar and singing? That was me, and I can say it was quite exhausting having to run away from all those girls.
  3. No wonder you work on the trains Big Bird if this is what twiddles your knobs?
  4. Well, it seemed a good excuse to get some lamp swinging :D . What's working on a train got to do with it? :?
  5. I just had this mental picture of you checking tickets whilst humming beatles songs and, when you got the chance, regalling passengers with witty stories about 'the boys' on the Plain.

    Next Stop......
  6. Naw, I go through the train yelling "Get your tickets out or else", pausing only to hurl the odd granny off the last train (which I have personally ensured is running 56 minutes late - it's not over 60 minutes late so bugger off, you can't have a refund) at an unmanned station because her name is misspent on her Senior Rail Card and she can't afford the £475 that the full standard open costs between two points 5 miles apart... :twisted:
  7. Apparently I met all the Beatles, but was only 4 at the time & have no memory of the event - my mother has a photo somewhere.

    Am reliably informed that expense claims to the film company were outrageously overstated and provided an invaluable boost to unit funds for years after!

    If you're really interested, visit the Antrobus Arms, Amesbury, where the "Fabs" stayed during filming - pretty extensive phographic record of their stay.
  8. Thanks for that! That sounds like a day out for next summer with family (bore them rigid, it does them good)