Beating - what's the form?

My 14 year old son has been invited to go with an older pal and do some beating at a local shoot on Saturday. I've never really done any game shooting so I know only the very minimum about what goes on. I'm hopeful that this will be an introduction for him to game shooting but I'm obviously slightly anxious. What's the form?


Ok NOBS do courses in this (believe it or not) Best thing to do is to kit him out with gear you dont mind trashed, a stout stick and a good hat. Flask and sarnies incase they dont do lunch. Also front up to the keeper/head beater about his newness and he should get looked after. I have been on some great and awful shoots as both gun and beater. I tend to run my shoot to make life as easy as possible for both. The worst thing may be impatient guns who only have to turn around for the next drive whilst the beaters have 1500 metres of ploughed field to negotiate.
Beaters day is a treat but dont expect to be invited this late in the season. It should be for those who attend all season. Also if the beating is in a line then try at all costs to stay in line as it ensures the birds dont run around you and also is safer when the odd tosser of a gun swings onto the line.
Listen carefully and iff offered flanking or stops point out its your first time and you dont know!
Above all make noise when asked to and quiet when not!
good luck and enjoy it
Hi Watcher,

Hopefully it went well for him. Just out of interest it wasn't a shoot near Denmead was it? We seemed to have a few newbies turn up last weekend, they went away tired but seemed to have had a good day.

Nothing like spending the week working in front of laptop and then thrashing around in the woods for a bit of relaxation. Most therapeutic and some free range pheasant to boot for the pleasure. Can't fault it. :)
It went well thank you. I left him to it on the basis that there is nothing worse than an over protective dad. Seems that most of the shooting was for duck and that the beating was focussed on various ponds around the Ribble Valley. Didn't get paid but got a large lunch in a barn and a different day out with bragging rights for school on Monday. Anyway he seems keen to go again. Hopefully he'll get his 'feet under the table' and in due time start pestering me for a shotgun.....!


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I often wonder just how much money I would have saved in the last 48 years if my dad had not let me go beating, mind you it 's pretty much the same question with fishing,hunting,camping ect but life would have been damn boring without it all
Anyway he seems keen to go again. Hopefully he'll get his 'feet under the table' and in due time start pestering me for a shotgun.....!
He could do a lot worse mate.
Last beat of the season tomorrow. Mrs SG will be taking up the offer of a place as one of the guns and muggins here will be slogging throught the mud and woods attempting to put as many high, fast crossers past her as possible :). Serves me right for not developing my shotgun skills. At least I can outshoot her with handguns so at least some of my manhood remains intact!


We too are having beaters day in the morning, most guns will be coaching their sons who beat so I will beat as usual. I will however be a walking gun on monday as a handful of us are going to walk and stand the whole shoot as we may not have the lease next season and want to fill the bag rather than leave the birds!
Our beaters day tomorrow, as usual the "guns" will be conspicuous by their absence. So we're having an unofficial cocks day on Monday.


Any guns that dont beat on beaters day or coach the little darlings wont be invited to shoot on monday. Also as I may be winding up the shoot and changing grounds they wont get invited to the new syndicate.
There are some guns you can forgive, family illness or a history of putting in every spare hour cutting paths and feeding. Others are noticed by their absence! HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
To be honest most of our guns are geriatric and don't have dogs so even if they did turn up they'd be pretty useless!


To be honest most of our guns are geriatric and don't have dogs so even if they did turn up they'd be pretty useless!
Who beats then?
On beaters day we do a walk one stand one


With this and cadets at least it prises him off the Xbox!
It is good to see youngsters being encouraged like this, the more the merrier, its healthy, allows them to see parts of the countryside that most people dont even know exist! It also enables them to see a side of life that goes back in our history to primitive man, that of the Hunter and hopefully will allow him to poo poo or ignore the propaganda of the anthropomorphic animal rights nutters!


I have fond memories of beating on 2 shoots in Sussex as a teen in the 80's. £10 in my hand, huge lunch and a brace of birds every weekend.

Plus the chance to get a shoot with my step fathers 20 bore at the end of the season. Good times!
Glad to here your lad's got involved with beating and enjoyed it. Its always good news when you hear about youngsters taking up the sport. If he's really keen, have you thought about taking him to some game fairs over the coming months? My parents never took me but I got into it by accident a few years ago and haven't looked back since!

I've been on a number of shoots around Sussex/Kent, some run brilliantly others not so. However I'm now looking forward to hopefully getting my career sorted in the countryside industry and getting out to some game fairs and spending a bit of hard earned cash over the summer!

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