Beating up Troop Commanders

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Littlegreen, May 7, 2007.

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  1. Purely for my own edification, I'm wondering how many serving officers have any experience, either first or second hand, of Tp/Plt Comd. being beaten up by SNCOs.

    A substantial, although not enormous, number of posts would infer that the practice is commonplace within the British Army. This strikes me as unlikely, although I'm willing to be convinced.

    As a Royal Marine Capt, I haven't been around forever, and it's clearly conceivable that in a different era this was all more acceptable, but surely it's not still regular practice to use assault as a teaching aid in any way, especially from Tp Sgt to Tp Offr.

    I cannot think of a situation I've been in where I could possible countenance the use of violence between serving bootnecks. I certainly can't think of a single RSM/Adjt/CO/Bde Comd who would view this sort of behaviour favourably.

    I'm ready to be surprised.

  2. Not seen this sort of thing at all really, amongst any ranks.
  3. IMHO it's an urban myth. I never saw it, the bruises or the fallout. If one Tp Comd gets confronted by a fisty senior then frankly he should just windmill back and then go for a drink together. If it is more than one senior then that is CO's office kit.

    Cue a load of posts about 'we had this knob who wouldn't listen...' etc. I still reckon 99% of these ended up in a polite talking-to and no fisticuffs, but assumed more drama in the retellings in the Mess.
  4. Just a suggestion but surely if it happened it can only have happened in a certain time period, because if go back far enough wasn't striking a senior officer punishable by death?
  5. Quite agree.

    Never encountered it, or heard credibly of it, in 30+ years.

    But every green 20-something subbie has a lot to be grateful for to robust, strong-minded 30-something NCOs.
  6. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    I have seen SNCO v SNCO but not against officers, I have however invited a subby into the woods for a heated discussion which was just words and educational, said subby last I heard was a Maj
  7. That's rather how I thought it might turn out. I'd just seen one too many "or he'll get filled in by his Plt Sgt" type lines this afternoon.

    Firmly agree that all those who've been young subbies are greatful to their Tp/Plt Sgts. Those who say they aren't, or didn't need a SNCOs help are big, fat liars.

  8. Only ever seen it once.

    Gibraltar Circa 1996. 2Lt a month out of the factory was filled in by a senior full screw in town. IMHO the YO was lucky to get away with a just a slapping. However the end result was an EX full screw, and to my knowledge the YO is staff officer somewhere who will advise young subbies under his command, not to go drinking with JNCO's and certainly not to try and score with a juniors wife in front of him!
  9. Between 1977 - 1980.....Colchester......a Lt Col (brigade unit) bopped the Brigade Commander (ex Para)..reason " for F-ing his men around" on a Brigade court martial......Lt Col went out on a medical discharge.......Maybe some old Goojerat Bks assers might remember this
  10. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I agree with the majority view here. I've heard countless variants of the story over the years but I've never seen it and I doubt it happens very often, if at all, outside the slightly overactive imaginations of the storytellers.

    Having said that, I have seen a Major being tw@tted by a SSgt on a range after the Major had fired a somewhat careless burst from an HK53 which had narrowly missed me and several others, but it was a spur of the moment thing and apologies were offered and accepted all round.
  11. I could never imagine a deed of such magnitude taking place. Officers are nevertheless the superior class.
  12. I apologise for intruding onto the officers forum, but you sir are a cunt.

    I shall now retreat to the bar.
  13. Baldrick66 wrote
    The prick should have had is head pulled off and used as a mop. Before being ejected from the Army, regardless of rank. The JNCO should have been promoted for smacking him.
  14. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Which is why seniors, and especially WOs, have a duty to train YOs. Which certainly includes teaching them to keep Willie under strict control.
  15. Officers are nevertheless the superior class.[/quote]

    I could see you getting twatted.