Beating the Retreat

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by fairy_nuff, Jun 15, 2012.

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  1. Fantastic evening. Earl and Countess of Wessex there, gawd knows what he was wearing, they played the 1812 overture so perhaps he was Napolean.

    Joey the horse from war horse was there, I swear he is real. At the end he was standing swishing his tail and throwing his head just like the real horses. John Tams was also there.

    Great music, Capulets and Montagues from Romeo and Juliet, Fanfare for the Common Man, The Great Escape, and Crags of Tumbledown. 1812 performed with canon (Kings Troop) guns (Moscow Militia) and fireworks.

    They refer to it as London's best kept secret, but it is really a fantastic evening and in aid of Army charities.

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  2. Beating Retreat (no 'the').
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  3. Did you take the photograph with a Potato?
  4. **** beating retreats, SOUNDING retreats are garunteed to give anyone a hard on! High on a Hill anyone?
  5. I'd like to know what the Royal Oman Cavalry's contribution to the Event was, I had the opportunity to see them close up at WB but not the Retreat.
  6. Good fun

  7. They rode on, they rode round, they rode off and played bagpipes on horseback, horses must be deaf