Beaten Poles now are sure that they will be defended by US soldiers

Has the Russian government apologised for trying to blame a French warship for being involved when a Syrian SAM shot down a Russian aircraft recently?
Violated an agreement that was forced to sign at Bayonet point is called Coercion and such a agreement is legally worthless
Same as the 'referendum' in sad KGBs, no-one likes or trusts your country, you are a morally bankrupt corrupt kleptocracy and dictatorship, a world pariah

And the really funny thing is in your attempts here to whitewash Soviet/Russian (same-same) criminality all you've achieved is to highlight the crimes of Mother Russia to the wider world, folk who usually wouldn't give this site a second glance - don't believe me? Check-out where Arrse threads on Russian crimes feature in Google Search - You know they say 'all publicity is good publicity?' not in the case of Russian war crimes I'm afraid - your supervisor is going to be very disappointed.......
He certainly has an unhealthy interest in other people's countries
It's the Russian way, don't worry that your country is 98% backwards shit-hole, invade the nicer ones instead of sorting your own problems

I hear Northern Macedonia is the next NATO country, FMOB, any more former vassal/ ex-communist states wanna join our gang?
And they've been roundly told to fuxk-off before.......extreme nationalists trying to stir-up anti (modern) German feeling for their local purposes

Nationalists - cnuts of the first order of whatever nationality they may be since 1848

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