Beaten for wearing a RAF jacket

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by hadenough!, Dec 10, 2010.

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  1. sounds about right bunch of *******
  2. "Current Affairs" - This happened on 1st Nov. Do you ration bad news and dribble it out when there is not much else to get outraged about ?

    Any news on the old boy ?
  3. Was the suspect seen wearing a dark blue RN jacket, and muttering "Feckin''ll get yours in the next review!" ? :)
  4. Fallowfield? He's lucky he wasn't in Didsbury, 'cause there's more than two of 'em there!
  5. cocks are cocks, whats an RAF jacket?

    he was wearing a poppy as well..................which enhances the crime considerably....
  6. I get the feeling that whatever he had been wearing, these two lowlifes would have given him a dig.

    Hope he gets well soon and puts it behind him. The two that attacked him are neddy charvers who will live short and miserable lives.

  7. Find them and allow them to be used as dummies on the next RAF Regiment bayonet training session. With blunt, rusty bayonets with tennis balls over the end.
  8. His attackers will have been from that religion of "tolerance".
  9. Most unusual I know, but even I saw that the article is dated only yesterday.

    Cowardly maggots.
  10. Surprise surprise.
  11. They may have been, but it would be unwise to make theories before all the facts are at your fingertips. It could have been atheists, or any number of religious believers that's to say it was religiously motivated and not just 2 thugs out for trouble
  12. As appalling as this attack is, racism doesn't get anyone anywhere. It's exactly that attitude which leads to minorities feeling persecuted by British culture and so causes attacks like these
  13. Read the Mail article it states that the poor old boy died later.