Beat this lassie



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The dog is a disgrace! It should be court martialed for desertion and possibly aiding and abetting gthe enemy. :D
It said they were testing it for diseases maybe they meant STD's

I think the dog must have been French descent because it ran off in the middle of a battle!


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Not only that but some poor dog (and for once we ain't talking about the AGC(SPS) 8) ) has probably either had their tour extended to cover or another dog has had their tour brought forward as battlefield replacement, thus missing out on the agreed length of time between tours.
When I read "Beat this lassie" I thought it was a statement, expecting to see a photo of a Weegie Chav, Irn Bru in one hand, baby in the other, being beaten with a roled up letter from the DSS!

I was looking forward to that :(
do the sas have dogs to do covert? maybe he's andy mcnab of the dog world?!
looking foward to his book in the next few years i wander what the title will be??
bravo woof zero??
But can they ever trust it again? Supposing it was captured and 'turned'?
i wander if he has a shed?


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Well, that is its tour harmony guidelines fecked for good. It can't deploy for at least 3 weeks!!! :thumright:
Rumours that the dog really thinned out as it finds the war immoral and will now be joining the Stop The War Coalition are, hopefully, unfounded.
What if the dag is brainwashed by the Taliban and is now an extremist muslim,thus a double spy infiltrating back into the coalition forces?

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