Beat that!

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by roseandpose, Oct 19, 2006.

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  1. Just did a 'right click-properties' check on my hard drive.

    18.1GB of pure hardcore porn.

    Get in! :D
  2. A truley admirable how about sharing some of it then!!!! :twisted: :twisted:
  3. was the title of this thread deliberately ambiguous? :)

    if so, like what you did there.
  4. Scorptin: Always happy to! Please send your full address, along with exactly what nature of gentlemen's material you require, to me at:

    Building 107
    Imphal Barracks
    Fulford Road
    York YO10 4AS

    ..and i will make sure your comments are noted.

    CRMCR: I aim to please.
  5. another abiguity (?). Good man. Keep them coming 8O
  6. I bet RoseandPose is beating all the time and has time to post on here!!
  7. 18.1Gb?!

    So thats about.. ooh? Two DVD's worth?


  8. Actually it's about 4 regular DVDs or 3 dual layer ones. But your point still stands. Unless, of course, the frame sizes are about a twentieth of your screen size - that would be a decent stash!
  9. that must be why wanking makes you go blind :)
  10. who said that?

    I can think of a blind ******....he's got a beard and a dog..been sacked 2 or 3 times.....

  11. Well if we are into specifics, I don't know how many full DVDs that counts as, because we aren't talking about complete films.

    Most are downloads from LimeWire and BoysFood and last an average of 10mins.

    Which is about 9min 45 secs too long. :)

    Total number of clips - ooh, I'd say around 600.

    The storage medium is hard, not floppy.
  12. what the hell are limewire and boysfood??!?

    (for information purposes only, you understand :))
  13. Not into these couple of minute clips and whatnot. Full on HD-1024p nakedness is the way ahead!
  14. CRMCR: Well, you need to look on your (home) computer

    LimeWire is a file sharing network. is VERY self explanatory.