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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by crescent, Aug 9, 2007.

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  1. Evenin' all,

    Had an RAF show a few weeks ago up this way and got talking to a few of the RAFP types, (who tried convincing me to go RAFP whilst I'm waiting for ATR in Jan, by the way).

    Anyhoo, two of the guys recommended I get a head start on my phase 2 reading, and suggested I get Beat Officers Companion, good idea I thought, have tried to find something like this to do exactly that and come up wih nothing, so this is exactly what I was looking for.

    I've tried all the usual outlets (Smiths, Amazon etc) and can't find a copy anywhere - does anyone know where I can get one?

    Any help much appreciated,

  2. Hi Crescent,

    I am a Special and have a copy of this book. Makes for excellent reading. You can purchase them from,

    Look under books and then under "Janes"


  3. They are cheap as dirt on ebay, I've seen a few for under a fiver (not today though).

    Try searching for police manual, and I'm sure you'll get some useful results.

  4. It's a long time since I had anything to do with this (I am getting on a bit now) but try or and look under their books section.
    I think that you will be OK without help from such books if you keep your brain engaged and use common sense together with and inquiring mind ie; don't believe anything that you are told unless it can be corobborated and question why anyone did anything.
    Hope this helps.
  5. Sorry about the spelling of corroborated, too much Scotch and not enough ginger ale .
  6. Excellent!

    Cheers all.

    Aye I did find a couple on ebay, then I was away for a week so I didn't want to bid and get it then not be able to sort out/pick up delivery, when I got back they were gone.

    Thanks for the other links, most helpful for other things too.

    In my humble opinion 'beat companions' are ok once you've studied and know the stuff - useful for all those times when you think to yourself 'What is the maximum weight of a moped again?'

    Checkmate's books give you everything in a no nonsense form (unlike Blackstone’s which are like platting fog) and highlight all the little idiosyncrasies of the law, exactly the ones the question writers use to catch you out. Much better if learning from scratch.

    I spent 3 months revising for an exam from Blackstones and a companion but once I heard the mighty Tom Barron (and the equally Knowledgeable but less entertaining Julianna Mitchell) speak and got hold of their books I realised I'd just wasted 3 months.

    Just a thought.
  8. If you do decide to go RAFP, there is a useful book called the Gate Guards Companion to Lifting Barriers!
  9. Chapter 1: Barrier up.

    Chapter 2: Barrier down.

    Glossary of terms:

    Barrier: The horizontal thing you won't go beyond.
    Up: Where the pilots go (it worth joining the RAF for them)
    Down: The opposite to up.
  10. Cresent,

    Recently saw the L3ic exam papers at Southwick park and i would reccommend Blackstones Q&A. Blackstones reference books are crap, but the Q&A has been blatantly copied in the compilation of the exams. The names have been changed but the scenarios are the same.

    I suppose if they've done it for the L3 they may have done the same for the Basic.

    Live the dream at Southwick. May even see you there.
  11. Agreed.
  12. Third'd, although i've not seen an L3 paper yet, anyone got one lol :p
  13. Just join whatever you are going to join, you will get all the study programme and material free.

    When you have studied it all, you will wonder why you thought of paying for a 'worthless' headstart in the first place.

    If you need the expensive 'backup back' after that, you will know you have learned nothing.. and so will everybody else.

    Just go for it.
  14. Yeah, if you want to scrape by and don't care what anyone thinks follow Josey's advice. If you have some pride, want to learn more than the basics and gain a credible pass, buy some reference material.

    The stuff you are taught at depot will get you thru the course, the stuff in the manuals, with a little added effort, will set you up for a career to be proud of and you'll never be the ******** calling his duty officer with every stupid question.

    The fact that you are so keen bodes well for your attendence at Southwick. Good to see some quality being recruited these days (says an old sweat of 6 whole years!!!)