Beat: Life on the Street = Home Office Propaganda

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Jan 26, 2009.

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  1. Who dares say such a horrid, wicked thing about the £800k of taxpayers money dished out on that helpful documentary which was simply explaining in easy to understand terms to hard working families and badly needed Labour voters what a really wonderful and useful job PCSO's do??

    OFCOM actually:

    "Ofcom considered that the overriding tone of the programmes was supportive and likely to leave viewers with a favourable impression of the PCSO service. Taking into account the fact that the Home Office sponsored these series, and that the PCSO service is at least an indirect interest of the Home Office, Ofcom therefore considered that these references within the programmes were promotional, in breach of Rule

    "In summary, Ofcom found that the sponsorship arrangement was unsuitable because of the Home Office’s involvement with, and interest in, the PCSO service. Further, the sponsorship arrangement was not made transparent"
  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Propaganda of the worst kind. Watch North Korean or Iranian television, and you can understand the problem. Government sponsored programming of any kind is not there to inform and/or entertain, it is there to sway the minds of the electorate - and thus, in the UK, it should come with the following words: "This is a party/government political broadcast, and anything in it should be judged as purely fictional and bad for your health."
  3. Joseph Geobels would be proud
  4. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    They are hitting us on all levels though I think they may have withdrawn the Filthy rag "The Sharp End" which again was propaganda at its worst. Now the training of Police officers and CSOs is carried out in tandem so that the new "breed" actually begin to believe that they perform a useful function. It is continually rammed down their throats in training when they are mallable.
    It is absolutely shameless. I weep for the "Service" I really do!
  5. That's the lengths that these cnuts will go to to bring in these Citizen Control Measures.

    Threat to privacy under data law, campaigners warn

    Personal information about individuals' lives could be handed over without their consent to public bodies and private firms under a new law, campaigners have warned.

    Data held by the police, the NHS, schools, the Inland Revenue, local councils and the DVLA could all end up in private hands, according to Privacy International.

    At the same time, information gathered by companies including hotel registrations, bank details and telecommunications data could be transferred to the Government as part of the provisions of the Coroner's and Justice Bill, it is claimed.

    The campaign group admits the "mass exchange of personal information has the potential to deliver some benefit".

    But it says it also represents "vast risks" associated with "privacy, security and human autonomy."

    Privacy International also warns that there will be no protection from such mass transfers of data, which would only require ministerial approval under the new law.

    A report on privacy "Black Zones" warns that the bill, which receives its second reading, would destroy civil liberties and the purpose of the Data Protection Act.

    Privacy International says the proposals were hidden in a clause of the bill and there was an "urgent need to consider the extraordinary dangers created by the proposal."

    Its report states: "Previously people's consent was required, but now the consent of the governed is no longer being sought.

    Daily Telegraph
  6. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    My own thoughts on this are that if we (meaning the Police in my case) need the information for a good enough reason we can get it now. we dont need further legislation. I also know for a fact that many people we deal with are only to happy to supply that information.
    I doubt this would be the case if they knew that this could be passed on without so much as a by your leave to other agencies.