Beasting death soldiers found Not Guilty!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Infiltrator, Jul 31, 2008.

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  1. I would hope that more details will follow soon.
  2. We've all been there.

    However, condolences to the lads family.
  3. Indeed. I understand that the evidence revealed a more complex situation than 'beasting death' might suggest. A tragedy, regardless.
  4. Was this beasting on the day the lad got drunk? Or even the day after?

    Duty of care anyone?
  5. Not Guilty m'lord :roll:
  6. Er, no, I have never "beasted" someone to death.
  7. Neither have I or in fact anyone with intention. we have, however, taken part in or given out a beasting session. Hence "We've all been there".

  8. I belive that the beasting was given on the Monday for upsetting a few people over the weekend.
    The court heard that Pte Williams was in trouble for drunken behaviour.

    Pte Williams had been aggressive and let off a fire extinguisher at Daniel Brown, a guest of Capt Mark Davis, at a weekend regimental ball on 1 July 2006.

    Capt Davis said he had come to work on the Monday morning intent on disciplining Pte Williams. You do not ask captains and seniors why, you just say ok

    Cpl Edwards told the court Capt Davis ordered him to bring Pte Williams to his office "panting like a dog", which he understood was to mean he should be marched as a punishment or "beasting".
  9. As above condolences to friends and family.

    However if previous reporting is correct, he received a beasting for a little more than the "high jinks" this report suggests.

    A tragic accident.
  10. However, lets all sit back in judgement of them now the shackles are off eh?

    They have been found Not Guilty by a Jury of 12. Whatever you might think their case has been heard.

    These fellas have to live with the fact that somebody died on their watch (Devilish) I would suggest that is a punishment none of us would care to live with.

    All in all, a terrible tragedy for the Family of Pte Williams - but I am not going to second guess the Court without having heard the evidence.
  11. Indeed:

  12. Talk to Frank.

    Might help explain a body of temp of 41 degrees C.
  13. I thought this was an interesting comment from the Judge....

    In his summing up, the judge had asked the jury to consider whether the defendants had been "hung out to dry" while Capt Mark Davis was not prosecuted.

    He criticised the fact that the three non-commissioned officers were placed in the dock while their commander, the adjutant Captain Mark Davis, who ordered that Pte Williams be brought to him "hot and sweaty", was in the process of being promoted

    Surely not! Not in todays Army? A commissoned officer being treated differently from those in the ranks? Whatever next?
  14. I did 22 miles across the Cotswolds that day and I remember it was blisteringly hot. Easy to go down with heatstroke on a day like that.