Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by bernoulli, Mar 29, 2005.

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  1. Send him back in, if only for that baseball cap, :roll: and to stopping him bringing out any more CDs 8O


    Jonathon King freed.
  2. Another one serving less than half the sentence... Sod parole: disgusting crime, should have had a longer original sentence rather than being allowed out early. :evil: Gggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I am fuming. :evil:
  3. Must admit I forgets the specifics of his crime kids cums yo mind, but I have always said if 'SOMEONE' says the ex con is now fit to return to sociaty then their children must be brought into contact with the ex con and not the kids of 'ORDINARY' folk.
  4. What, with Mr Glitter? :roll:
  5. From what he's said about his time inside, is anyone else wondering whether (a) the man's a masochist or (b) prison life isn't anywhere near as unpleasant as it should be?
  6. In a bid to resume his singing career, he's planning to cover Two Little Boys at Christmas.
  7. Hanging is to good for the filthy nonce, Should never be out
  8. I could be wrong here, but as I recall the boys he picked up were 15 year olds and he met them in gay bars. I call that entrapment and I sure as hell wouldn't put him in the same category as Glitter.

    Come to my local and you can meet my neighbour's daughter. She's 13 but that's not the information she gives out and not the way she looks. She could probably get the lot of you convicted.
  9. I doubt it mate, 15 is still to young and he is still a dirty nonce.
  10. I agree, but my point is that with the age of consent at 16 we could be talking a matter of days. Which in no way puts him in the same bracket as Glitter who got his kicks from looking at porn of very young children, some of whom probably did not survive the photo session.
  11. are they not both on the sex offenders reg?
  12. Isn't that what got him sent down in the first place?8O :wink:
  13. I thought poofs had to wait till the age of 18 before they are deemed consenting.
    The blokes still needs hanging as he is an annoying shite
  14. I was incensed when I read that this pest was planning to have a champagne reception for the journos outside the gates of the prison when he got released. Somebody pointed out that the parole board might take a dim view of it :evil:
  15. I heard him on the raio at dinner time and he likend himself to oscar wilde who was alos imprisoned for his questionable sexual habits (see sex with boys under 16)

    Now it appears that in order to get parole, you no longer have to admit the crime or show remorse. This all came about to prevent an innocent man/woman having to admit a crime they never commited (or could it be to clear out the prisons to reflect favourably on the justice system? :evil: )

    If that is the case, then why did tony martin have to serve the full sentence and this nonce gets of with less than 1/2????